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2 days ago

Africa Mission & Beyond

Michael visited one congregation and has arrived at the mission house. ... See MoreSee Less


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God bless everyone there and Bro Michael...I remember,back in 1982 I think, hearing Sister Dorothy Keiser (sp?) tell about her mission work there. She had slides to show everyone at the little meeting at Charis Camp, in Vancouver BC. She really impressed me and I enjoyed what she shared with us. I remember her as a Wise Woman of God! I hope some of the people in Ghana still remember her and that what she helped begin is still growing. Wasn't she the first to go there? I took some pictures of her. 😀

Yes she was. She went several times and had the mission house built. She returned to the States to prepare for her final move to stay there permanently and that is when she died.

Our prayers are with Africa mission and beyond...

5 days ago

Africa Mission & Beyond

Leaving for Ghana. Michael needs a touch in his back. It has been flaring up for over a week and he has started having possible seizure symptoms again. The Lord has prevented them thus far but he does need a definite healing in his back. ... See MoreSee Less

Leaving for Ghana. Michael needs a touch in his back. It has been flaring up for over a week and he has started having possible seizure symptoms again. The Lord has prevented them thus far but he does need a definite healing in his back.Image attachment


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I thank each of you for your prayers for Michael. The Lord really has helped him in his back. Before he left he could hardly bend over at all without much pain. It has been a trip with a lot of spiritual challenges but we do think the Lord for helping him in his back.



We will be praying!

Praying for a hedge of protection and total healing! May Gods work prosper!

Praying 🙏🏻❤️



Praying for all.



So sorry. Seems like these trips are hard fought sometimes. Praying for him and y’all.

Our love and prayers.

Will be praying for a safe trip, healing for him, and the saving of souls.

Prayers! 🙏❤️🙏

Lord, please bless our brother with the health He needs to carry your message and do your business in the places you send him. Lift and sustain him, please.

Many prayers!!!

Prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

Lord bless our dear brother 😔

We are praying


Praying for him.


Prayers for all in days ahead.

Praying God gives him a healing touch.

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7 days ago

Africa Mission & Beyond

... See MoreSee Less

Make a Difference!

Build a Classroom

The Huruma Orphanage is in much need of new classrooms for the primary school. Huruma Dolor Primary Academy is one of the best schools in the district. It serves not only the orphans but over 300 other children in the community.

The current classrooms are old and very dark. The government is pressuring them to rebuild. As funds are made available, construction will commence. Donate

Huruma Dolor Facebook News

2 days ago

Huruma Dolor Orphanage

If you want to send a care pack for an orphan try to send it soon. I’ll begin packing next week. Send me a pm to let me know it is coming so I leave space for it. We will also be taking a few living supplies swingset and tractor parts some books for the library and some items for activities with the orphans jo it is a juggling act to balance all categories and it will help to know to expect your package. 😀 More info in comments. ... See MoreSee Less


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Since we will be traveling as a group of four, I am going to open up opportunity for any sponsor that wants to send a small gift packet to your child. I know some of you wanted to send packages at Christmas and weren’t able. If you are wanting to send a gift feel free to mail it to me at: Mrs. Rene Smith Huruma Orphanage (Child’s Name) 605 Bishops Court Nixa, MO 65714 Please keep in mind, there are 80 plus orphans. 😊 Items should fit in a small flat rate USPS box or a plastic pencil box. Perhaps a 6x9 padded envelope. Not a large package as I only want to designate two pieces of luggage for this. Ideas for items that are small: a small photo album with pictures of your family, a simple watch (not gold), stationary, fidget spinner, container of slime or putty, small package of candy, a small toiletry bag with travel size lip balm, lotion, cologne or body spray. Small flash light with extra batteries, small devotional, small calendar planner. If you have a question about items, please email me. Items will need to be mailed by Monday, January 21st. I will be packing that next week and need to have all items here on hand. NO PRESSURE. These ideas are suggestions only. Don’t buy all of them. 😊

I mailed ours yesterday.

5 days ago

Huruma Dolor Orphanage

Taking positive words with us!! Dorm walls. School halls. ... See MoreSee Less


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what a great idea! I did something similar for the Mexican trip last year with scriptures and cardboard frames. they loved them

Those are pretty enough to be used at service.😜

Pray for the gospel efforts on the mission field.

Pray that people would hear and receive the good news of the gospel. Intercede for people bound in sin and in religious confusion. Support the poor and the fatherless.