Mozambique Food Crisis—The Man We Lost

I love telling stories with pictures.

I love bringing Africa to you.

Today I don’t have a picture. I just have a story. A story of the man we lost.

Harvest is coming in for many areas in Malawi and Mozambique that have suffered with food crisis for months now. We have sent tens of thousands of dollars in food aid and have helped so many hundreds and thousands of people to survive.

In Mozambique there is one area of the country where the rains did not water the crops early on and they are still some weeks out from harvest. About 1200 families are suffering acutely from hunger. But we had already sent so much! Surely we can’t ask donors for more. We have to stop somewhere.

So we sent enough for 300 families. “Only help the very, very worst off”, we said. “We know it isn’t enough, but maybe it will keep them from starving.”

Bro. Master passed out the funds. The people would have to walk far distances to find places to buy maize. Maize is so scarce there now that we can’t even buy it and truck it in, but they can find it in smaller amounts on an individual basis.

One man kept coming up to Bro. Master. “Please help me!”

Bro. Master explained, “No, we must help the very most vulnerable.”

“What have I done? What have I done wrong that you cannot help me?”

“You are a man. You have the strength to go and find something for your family. We must give it to others.”

He responded, “Everything that I gather I give to my children to eat.”

Bro. Master has the hardest job of all. The job of saying, “No.” It doesn’t matter how much you give, there will never be enough. There will be someone at the end of the queue whose name wasn’t on the list, who wasn’t counted at the first, that saw the crowd and hurried to be a part. It was just happening yet another time. Bro. Master was only the messenger, sent with limited funds that we knew from the beginning wouldn’t reach them all.

This week a group came from Mozambique to appeal for more food. The man that had begged for food was not among them. That man had died.

His children have no one to forage for them now. They have no food and now no father.

We immediately took funds from other projects and wired an emergency amount of $15,000 to provide the remaining 900 families with a bag of maize that will feed them for one month. Pray that the wire will arrive soon.

Maybe this distribution will save someone else’s father.

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