5:30 a.m. Musings

The groups continued to share the meaning of the parables. Many of the ministers have not taught on them. I challenged them to share with their congregations the value and joy of salvation as found in the parable of the man who found the treasure in the field.

How can one teach baptism from the parable of the day laborers who all earned a penny? Well, the one who is saved in the last hour is as the thief on the cross. So, was the thief baptized? No, for there was no opportunity, but he still made it to Paradise. This led to sharing about the meaning and purpose of baptism.

Consider the reasons for the difference of the father who waited for the prodigal son at home while the other parable illustrates the shepherd leaving the flock to search for the one lost sheep.

Questions were asked about sinners in the congregation. Do you put them out? No, we want to show them the love of God and be where they can hear the gospel. One brother followed up with a question from 1 Corinthians 5:9-11. “Keep not company with a fornicator.” Okay, missionaries….. You better be ready.

The subject of marriage arose in between group presentations. Questions were asked about what a woman was to do whose husband was unfaithful and yet kept coming home. Again, a door was opened to give a brief teaching on the subject of divorce and remarriage and link it with qualifications for the ministry.

So many opportunities to point out the importance of taking scripture in context and how they will work together when properly understood. How important to have the Holy Spirit to make the Word of God alive!

These are just a few more details of the first day of ministers meeting. I write this at 5 in the morning from my mosquito tent as I hear the whine of the mosquitoes outside my tent.

Time to face another day. Thank God for the presence of the Holy Spirit, for without Him…..

—Michael Smith

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