Appeal for a Missionary – 1970

(Faith & Victory : Dec. 1970)

Southeast State, Nigeria (Oct. 30)

Dear Brother Lawrence and all believers in the Church of God: Greetings in Christian love and fellowship through Christ, our Lord and Saviour of mankind. On behalf of myself and the entire believers in the Church of God in Nigeria I write you this day appealing solemnly with a broken and a contrite heart to the Church of God, United States of America, to send us immediately, either a resident or a visiting missionary to help direct us so that our beliefs and practices here in Nigeria may truly be in conformity with those of the believers in the United States. Such a visit to Nigerian Church of God Mission in particular will help or enable the foreign missionary to see for himself the situation of things. The visit is indeed a matter of great concern, and should be prayed through both by the saints in America and Nigeria while yet the door is left ajar, for the night soon cometh when no man shall work. The Church in America really has a moral and spiritual duty to give an untiring “mighty push” to young congregations in Nigeria. Therefore there should be no holding back whatever. Our climate should in no wise be a stumbling block to any believer, or be counted an agent of fear, for many American missionaries are here under this same climatic condition. We may be right in principle, but wrong in practice, if we have nobody to direct. Therefore, we need a resident missionary in our midst to help direct the great ship of God’s blessed family in Nigeria.

I am grateful, for as I see, there are many open doors to preach the gospel. In spite of the great moral and spiritual decline in this old world today, it appears that we still have more opportunities than ever before to preach the living Word of God-the true “Bread of Life.” “So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thanks for ever: we will shew forth thy praise to all generations.” Psalm 79:13.

May the good Lord solve this problem is the solemn prayer of your faithful Brother,

-J. U. Etuk

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