Boys’ Dorm Fire

On the evening of September 24, after a power blackout, when the electricity came back on it started a fire in the older boys’ dorm. It was already dark, but thankfully all of the boys were in their evening study class. The fire burned uncontrollably and destroyed everything inside of the temporary structure. When Bro. Peter called to inform us, he simply said, “We have a very big problem. We have a very big problem.” The sound of children wailing in the background was heartbreaking.

 All 22 boys that lived in the temporary structure were moved to the larger younger boys dorm where they slept cold without bed or blanket. When the sun rose, all came together for special prayers in the face of this tragedy. The police, CID, and educational officers have been making visits to conduct their own investigations.

The past month has been marked with much sickness and a lot of stresses. The annual government exams are right ahead and with the loss of the school books right toward the end of the semester it is a great hurdle. Time is of the essence to restore a sense of normalcy so the boys can continue with their education.

After the embers burned out, all that remained was the metal frames of the bunks and the mangled metal boxes that once held the boys personal possessions. All that remained was a few scorched papers that didn’t burn. We requested a list of materials to provide the boys with new clothing and personal items immediately. We are not going to place this burden upon the individual sponsors as their support is already providing the boys with their daily needs.

There will be a fund started to replace the boys’ supplies and to reconstruct a dormitory for them. $4000 of emergency funds have been sent today. The breakdown per boy is $160. This is going to buy them the following.

  • 2 uniforms
  • 2 sets of casual clothes
  • shoes
  • flip flop
  • mattress
  • blanket
  • storage box
  • toiletries
  • school books


The building supplies alone for another dorm room will be $5000 for a temporary building. It would cost at least twice that for a permanent structure. Please pray for the Lord to give wisdom as we navigate this challenge and for the Lord to minister to Bro. Peter and all of the children and staff at the orphanage.

Donations may be made here to the Huruma Fire Fund.

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