Chapel Project & Meeting Report


The saints in Nigeria are desirous of purchasing land for a chapel in Bori, Nigeria. A new congregation was born in this location four years ago. Below are excerpts of letters from Bro. F. Naths Igbanibo concerning the spiritual and temporal background of this endeavor.
Please bear with me for the urgent request I am about to make on behalf of the church. Land has been located on a good site for the church at Bori. Site inspection has been made by a team of brethren together with a representative of the land owners and negotiation began immediately. A plot was offered for $3800. The two plots we intend to purchase will be $7600. It is seen to be God’s answer to our long prayers offered to Him for such a land which is situated in a place not hidden.

The congregation in Bori has been raised through the combined evangelical work of three brothers from Port Harcourt congregation in the year 2012. One of them, Bro. Chinwendu Nwanchukwu has since taken residence there laboring to nurture the converts. From a little beginning, the work is bearing fruit and we are encouraged. One of the major challenges is the place we use for worship temporarily. The room can hardly contain the brethren and some invited persons in fellowship….Bori is one of the local government headquarters with a good population and there is a possibility of the gospel reaching many communities in that land.

Nigeria Meeting Report

F. Naths-Igbanibo
I am very glad to report that the national camp meeting ended on the 3rd of September, 2016, with good success and many blessings. In view of the present economy realities, poor turnout was the vision of many, but the Lord surprised us with a large attendance. Some who have made themselves enemies of the cross dissuaded others from attending that of last year. But with a spiritual awakening, they came, heard the soundness of God’s Word delivered, they witnessed the spirit of God at work, they confessed that they were deceived to be under the rule of men, promising never to go back to the same condition. That is one of the greatest fights we have to fight. Indeed, a number of souls in darkness saw the light of God and were happy that they had been restored. In fact, no regrets for attending and spending time, energy and resources for it. •

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