Pakistani School Teachers Need Help

The Church of God School operating in Faisalabad, Pakistan is struggling with the costs of operation. We built them 6 beautiful new classrooms in the last year and they have filled them with 180-200 students. Most of these come from very poor Christian families who would not be in school otherwise. There are many brick kiln worker families living in the unending cycle of debt which causes them to be called “slavery Christians”. The school is a mission to educate these children who (especially the girls) would be disadvantaged to attend the public schools since they are Christians. Only a few of the families are able to pay the school fees to attend school, but they are not turning the other students away as they have no where else to go and would end up doing child labor in brick kilns or other menial jobs.

In the past two months we have been working on some improvements on the compound. We have added more ceiling fans to help the children endure the hot summer months crowded in a classroom without any central air. We are also adding new water coolers for drinking water at the school and also across the street at the chapel. The old one had been repaired three times and the last time they were told it could no longer be fixed. We are so delighted to be able to provide these things for the school.

In the past couple of weeks we sent a donation to help with teacher salaries and learned that this month three of the teachers had to quit and go find other jobs because there wasn’t salary money to pay them and they must support their families. This is so disappointing, though entirely understandable. We have tried to help the school out with periodic assistance for teacher salaries, but we do not fully support the school as we have many other irons in the fire and don’t feel we can take on the responsibility of that need alone. Sponsoring students with school fees is too big of an undertaking for us on the bookkeeping side. The best solution we can some up with is offering the opportunity for individuals to invest in the education and Christian training and influence of the school by sponsoring a teacher monthly. In this way you can impact the lives of 30-50 students directly.

The collective amount for teacher salaries would be at least $1000 monthly. We really won’t know the exact amount until we get teachers rehired because they are paid on a sliding scale based on the level they are teaching and the amount of experience they have. I believe we would have dedicated teachers if they had dedicated wages and could focus on their teaching rather than the uncertainties of working for a whole month only to find they could not be paid what they had earned.

The teachers were paid salaries for this month, but have not been paid for the previous month. They are under an extra load because three classes are without teachers at all right now. Bro. S told them that we cannot promise them continual support and they were very discouraged. The future is uncertain for them. Please pray for the mission in Faisalabad. The Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He will provide if it is His will.

If there were a base of consistent support for the teachers then we could separately support them with individual projects such as school programs at the end of school terms where they feed the children and give out new school supplies and curriculum. One such project currently is a need for a new cabinet to file grades in. This one is very dilapidated. For about $250 we can purchase a new one for the teacher’s office.

Bro. Shahzad is the pastor in Faisalabad and he is very dedicated to ministering to the people there. He tirelessly sends us photos and videos late at night after long days of traveling to visit families and check on the progress of current humanitarian projects. He always spends time visiting and ministering the word to them before leaving. He does an excellent job documenting the work so there is accountability as well as an added benefit of getting to see your gift at work.

May the Lord grant us all wisdom and zeal to work for Him while ’tis day. The current situation in Afghanistan is a reminder to us that doors that are open today might not be open tomorrow. Pray for the persecuted church.

If the Lord calls you to be a part of this endeavor, you can set up monthly donations through the donate page. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must select Specific Fund and choose Support Pakistani Christian Schools on the dropdown menu for us to know your donation is not a general one. You can also message us at and let us know where you want your regular support to go so we are aware of that.

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