Coronavirus Surge Affects Saints in Kenya

Bro. Peter Akweyona appears to have contracted the coronavirus and we ask your prayers for his recovery. His wife, Sis. Rhoda, recently recovered from it herself. The rest of the family was sick with malaria, but has not had covid. Bro. Peter has been sick for two days now. He is experiencing loss of taste, fever, malaise, severe headache and cough. His breathing is still good for which we are thankful. Please pray that he will not suffer complications and that the Lord will heal him and protect the rest of the family.

Recent increases in cases in Kisumu and surrounding counties have brought strict shutdowns affecting the orphanage and local congregation in Stellah, Kenya. The village the orphanage is in is a hot spot. Two of the saints in the congregation have died of covid in the past week.  Over the past few weeks, movement has been restricted more and more. Public markets were shut down. Prices of staple foods have doubled. No church services are allowed at all. The borders to Tanzania and Uganda have been closed also.

Now only two people are able to go to the supermarket and right back to the orphanage to buy supplies. The orphans and boarding students are under lockdown with no one able to enter or leave the compound. Some of the orphans have had malaria, but none have covid right now. However, the main secretary, the assistant director and the principal of the high school are all home sick with covid also. Some of them have been sick for two weeks and are recovering.

Bro. Peter asks for prayer also for the orphans and students. This brings real fear to them. They have suffered great losses in their lives and there is a real fear sweeping Kenya which affects them greatly. With some of the main adults now home with coronavirus, this fear is very real and tangible for them. Thank you for praying for them.

New York Times news article

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