COVID-19 Foreign Relief Fund

COVID-19 is no respecter of country or of persons. Most countries around the world have been greatly impacted by the virus. Governments have shut down nonessential businesses and work for many has come to a standstill. I have received many reports from the mission field from the poorest of the poor.

Many of the congregations in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, etc. are comprised of day laborers and subsistence farmers. They depend upon daily money they can make to purchase food. Because of the shut downs, most of these people are unable to work and hence have little to no money. They are in a very difficult time. The brick kilns are closed and so the Christians there have no work. The orphanage is not receiving their normal community donations. The problem is great and our brothers and sisters in foreign lands are suffering.

Africa Mission & Beyond has started a COVID-19 Foreign Relief Fund that will be used to distribute funds to some of the neediest areas in the mission field in African countries and Pakistan. I am reminded of the instruction the apostles gave to Paul when they extended fellowship to him in Galatians 2:10. “Remember the poor.” While many of us are struggling in our own country as well, many of us still have food on the table and are not worried about going hungry. Our fellow Christians in other lands are facing the reality of hunger. May the Lord give us all wisdom and guidance to know best how to minister to not only the spiritual but also to the temporal needs of others.

Thank you for your prayers and sacrifice.

—Michael Smith


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