Culiacán, Mexico Mission Trip: 2019

It was a blessing to work with Bro. James and Sis. Tricia Bell and take a large group down to a revival meeting in Culiacán, Mexico during October/November. The Lord gave safety in this cartel occupied territory. A spiritual mission group can accomplish so much more than the lone missionary as many messages can be silently preached by example. The Spirit of the Lord anointed the services and hearts were enlightened by the Word of God. Lasting bonds were formed between the Americans and Mexicans.

US Mission Team: Michael, René, Ethan   & Vanessa Smith; James & Tricia Bell; Gary, Adriana, Emily, Derek & Brian Doolittle; Sis. Charlotte Huskey, Tessa Sorrell, Karissa Bird, Colton Purvis, Patrice Doolittle, Kendra Cole, Haleigh & Lauren Edwards.

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