Cyclone Disaster Update


Three pastors from Mozambique sent in a report with an update about the devastating conditions caused by the cyclone. 950 families from the church are in camps. Some people have died and many children are lacking food. The government gave each family 10 kg of maize since the flooding. This is not enough to sustain a family for long.
A bag of maize in Mozambique currently costs about $22. This will sustain a family for 3-4 weeks depending on the size of the family. They are also in need of blankets which costs about $10 for an inexpensive one. Transportation is extremely expensive in Mozambique, so cost drastically increases to get the goods to the people.
Lord willing, Africa Mission will be sending an offering this week. To help all the families, it will take about $38,000. We do not have those funds to send, but we will help as much as we can. I am thankful to each one who has sacrificed that we might reach some of those who are hurting during this difficult time.
Please pray for these suffering families.

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