Cyclone Freddy Hits Malawi and Mozambique

“Tropical Cyclone Freddy has killed more than 400 people in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar since it first made landfall in Africa in late February and circled back to hit the region for a second time over the weekend.” (REUTERS)

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Disaster Strikes Again

When Cyclone Freddy struck this month, phone calls began to come in to our Brother Master. For three days the wind and rains were too strong for him to travel. He helplessly waited for the cyclone to subside so he could estimate the impact of the storm. Malawi received 6 months worth of rain in 3 days. Storm winds were 90+ miles per hour and gusts up to 130 mph.

The churches in Malawi and Mozambique have received another blow on top of the conditions of hunger. The winds and water tore down houses and the rains flowing down the mountains in the area created mudslides that killed people as they slept in their houses. In other areas, floodwaters washed away some of the saints and they drowned as they fled their fallen houses in the midst of the storm. Most homes are constructed of mud bricks which makes them susceptible to rain and harsh weather. Most people don’t have money to stucco the brick walls with cement, so water eventually washes away the mortar and the walls collapse under sustained wet weather or high winds.

When Bro. Master was able to leave his home, he found families already gathered at the local chapel who had fled with nothing in the storm when their homes collapsed. Other families he found in the local school. He walked around and visited a few of the fallen homes, confirming the reports. The damage was great. The following is an eyewitness report from Bro. Master.

What is the situation like at the moment?

“I went to Msikita; I found lots of people are staying in our church and others are at school following the fall of their houses. I was not able to visit every house because the people were already at the camps so I have some few pictures, then I went to Phalombe where I have also few pictures. I wished to go to Zomba but I didn’t because the road was cut off. I have received calls from Zomba area but cannot reach them because the bridge is out. I planned to travel to the side where Bro. Kalipo was pastor but also failed because there is still so much water.

“The people are still struggling. Lots of people are dead on that side and some are still missing. The government officials are using helicopters to rescue people and take them to camps because there is so much water still standing. I also received a call from Mozambique saying more people are still missing there and some are in camps, but due to rain, I cannot visit, but know that they are in trouble. That is the report.”

What is the greatest need at the moment?

“The most needed items are food and blankets. The water has come and broken the houses apart and everything is missing. All the pastors that I met today and those who called me on the phone ask for the same problems. Please, this is serious, very serious. Our brothers and sisters are in big trouble. As the waters are moved everywhere it is difficult to get green leaves of pumpkins for food.” (The people have already been out of food and resorting to eating mangoes which they ran out of and now just scavenge for green pumpkin leaves. This is trouble on top of trouble for them.)

“The government has given 2 kilos of flour to each family. That is not enough for a family of more than 3 children. The Salvation Army and Muslim organizations are giving food and blankets to their members only.” —Bro. Master

How many people are impacted?

“There are 17 saints dead in Malawi and 8 in Mozambique and a number are still missing. As of today’s report the total number of affected families in Malawi is 680 and in Mozambique it is 450 families. Chapel losses are 4 chapel buildings in Mozambique and 7 chapels in Malawi. This number is likely to rise as people are still searching for missing family members and in some areas people are digging through mudslides with their bare hands to recover the bodies of those who lost their lives.”

How can I help?

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Checks may be sent to Africa Mission, PO Box 2042 Nixa MO 65714, Memo: Cyclone Freddy Relief.
100% of funds donated will go to the people in Malawi and Mozambique.

Please pray for our loved ones in Malawi and Mozambique that God will comfort and provide the immediate needs they have. The waters will take some time to recede and this situation will easily last three months before people are able to go home and try to rebuild a life. May God have mercy upon them. The people of Malawi are already in a state of hunger. We just sent some limited funds to help the most vulnerable (widows, orphans and elderly) which you can see in this post.

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