Democratic Republic of the Congo Mission Trip 2017

In the month of March, the Lord opened the way to make a trip to a new mission field in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bro. Jose lives in the city of Lubumbashi. He has received the Gospel Truth paper for a few years and requested us to make a visit to share more truth with them. After a delay of a month, the government issued me a visa just a few days before I was supposed to fly. I flew to Nairobi in Kenya where I then took another flight to DRC.

While there are areas in the DRC that are unsafe due to militias etc., Lubumbashi proved to be safe and I had no major problems other than attempted shakedowns at the airport which is typical in many countries. God gave protection while I was there and I had a spiritually profitable visit.

Bro. Jose works with three congregations in the area, all of which are from a Pentecostal background. During the week I was there, we had opportunity to have multiple bible studies with a group of ministers in the mornings for three days. There were ministers in attendance from other churches in the area who had been invited to attend the meetings. Much truth was discussed and studied; some of it being completely new to the hearers. In the evenings, we had evangelistic preaching services with the congregations. We thank God for those who sought the Lord in prayer and for those who had a hunger for truth. In DRC, most of the people speak French and Swahili. So, as I preached, I had two translators. One brother translated from English to French, and then another brother translated from French to Swahili. While that might sound difficult, God blessed in the translating and it was fairly seamless.

The mode of worship was very African Pentecostal in nature. In one particular service, when the instruments were quiet, a young man led the congregation in a beautiful song in which you could feel the anointing of the Lord come down. I thank God for the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit that not only leads and directs but manifests His presence.

The young man who translated for me recently graduated from the university. He was a Catholic his entire life until the past year. He began asking questions of the priest and comparing with the Word of God. Eventually, he left the Catholic church in pursuit of greater truth. After the messages, he would ask me about the scriptures and would study that night at home. I am praying that God will lead this young man in all truth and use him for the cause of the gospel.

On Saturday, we traveled to visit the sites of the other congregations. We traveled by car as far as we could, then took motorcycles, and then walked to finally arrive at one of the congregations. The jungle was off in the distance. As I expressed an interest, my host offered for us to go and see it. In my mind, I am thinking “motorcycle.” We took off walking and…. Yes, walked and walked. We walked through mud, forded a stream by walking over a tree branch, and walked some more. I must acknowledge I got some good exercise that day and eventually a fresh layer of skin, as my original skin came off due to the hot Congo sun.

Bro. Jose and his wife warmly welcomed me into their home for many wonderful meals. Just this week, Bro. Jose wrote the following:

“As far as the congregation is concerned, we discuss each week the truths of God and we accepted this truth that you had brought us through the Bible which is the Word of God….I am very happy to know you and I pray God to walk with you together in this message of truth and that I go to announce it openly. I will you for the advice and the teaching of truth and that we are always together so that I learn.”

Please continue to pray for this new field that the seeds of truth will germinate, grow, and bring forth much fruit.

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