Disaster Relief to Malawi-Mozambique

 disaster relief 2015 feature
January 24, 2015

(Feature image: The pastor of Chiringa, Bro. Failos’ son, and Bro. Master standing with the load of maize.)

Thank you for your sacrifices to provide food for the people of Malawi. We were able to purchase 225 bags of maize. The cost averaged $18/bag with transportation costs. These were delivered to Church of God families in the affected areas.

Bro. Master

The people are sleeping in government schools. Many are on the bare ground at night without a blanket for warmth. This maize will carry these families for 2 weeks.

Meanwhile in Mozambique, the rains continue. There are even more congregations there than in Malawi and their homes are more poorly constructed. 500 church of God families are out of their homes. Their need for maize is dire and immediate, said Bro. Master. Any funds we receive for this need will go directly for maize or blankets. Food is the number one priority and after that, blankets.

Donations for food and blankets will still be received to assist those in Malawi and also in Mozambique. PayPal Instructions above. Checks may be sent to:

Africa Mission
605 Bishops Court
Nixa, MO 65714
Memo: flood

Many houses have collapsed because of the affect of the water on the mud bricks. In Mozambique there is even more loss of homes due to differences in construction.






Sitting on the ground awaiting the distribution of bags of maize.






Giving thanks to God. Having a time of prayer together before the maize is given out. Truly we need the Lord in times like these. What a source of strength it is to have faith in a God that is sovereign and who loves us.






What joy it was to have food to distribute. We are workers together. The dollars that you gave made a difference in the lives of so many families. For a few days, they will have food. They may not have variety in their diet, but they will not go hungry. They have experienced the faithfulness and provision of God through you.






Some maize is distributed by boat to areas that cannot be reached by roads yet.







Bro. Master stands in the center with some of the other ministers and gospel laborers. They have worked tirelessly the last few days traveling and working hard to get the aid to the people quickly.

Please pray for those in Mozambique who are still hungry, and for those who sleep in the cold at night. Thank you for giving of yourselves to shed the love of God abroad through your works of kindness and benevolence.


We would love to help those in Mozambique if the Lord so provides in the coming days.

February 24, 2015

Our brothers and sisters in the Church of God from Malawi and Mozambique thank each one who has sacrificed to help them during this critical time. Another installment of funds was sent to aid the families in Mozambique who are out of their homes without food due to severe rainfall and flooding.

180 bags of maize were purchased. Maize is very scarce in Mozambique, so it was purchased in Malawi and trucked to Mozambique. It was then loaded on boats and taken across the flooded areas and then taken by taxi to the waiting people.

A large number of church families were affected so one bag was shared between three families. This will feed one family about 10 days. Hence, that food has already been used up as of this writing.

The rains were still coming in Mozambique while it has stopped in Malawi. Even in Malawi, it will be a number of weeks before the people can go back to their homes and began rebuilding and replanting their crops.

Some blankets were also purchased in Malawi. Many of the families have nothing but the clothes on their back and have been sleeping exposed to the elements.

Your sacrifice has literally fed the hungry and given comfort during a very difficult time. Africa Mission & Beyond will continue to purchase maize as long as donations are given. The need will remain for at least another six weeks. As the church is so large in this part of the country, it is difficult to meet the enormity of the need. Every dollar is making a difference.


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