DR Congo Mission Trip Planned

DR Congo Mission Trip

Lord willing, I will be leaving March 12, 2017 for a new mission field in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A minister there has received the Gospel Truth publication for the last two or three years. There are three, small city congregations that indicate a desire a for truth and an acceptance of what they have heard. I do not know what I will encounter but desire for the Lord to direct my path while I’m there. Ours is to sow the seed and leave the rest to the Lord. The DRC has some inherent dangers but our trust is in the Lord. The city I will be visiting is supposed to be fairly stable.

I will then fly back to Kenya where I plan to visit some congregations on the Uganda border. If time permits, I will go into Uganda and have meetings with some congregations who have attended the meetings in Kenya in the past. My time is short, so I will only have a couple of days to visit the orphanage to deal with some business.

I would appreciate an interest in your prayers for the spiritual success of this trip.


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