Eckenwiler Mission Report

(Faith & Victory : Feb. 1981)


Dear Bro. Pruitt and saints of God: Greetings in the precious name of the Lord Jesus. I am very thankful to be saved today and encouraged in this holy life.

I have just returned (Jan. 17) from being with our brethren in Nigeria since Nov. 6, 1980, and I am happy for this opportunity to tell of the goodness of God. I am thinking just now of God’s Church in the earth, more particularly of the fellowship that the saints have and enjoy as the members of Christ’s spiritual body. It was something very wonderful to me to travel such a vast distance into a different nation and culture, and there to find the familiar “peculiar” family of God, which is always easily distinguished anywhere by the simple and unmistakable characteristic named by the mouth of our Savior: “If ye have love one to another.” I am very thankful to God that it is just this way.

The whole of the trip proved to be a very profitable experience. The town of Kwale in Bendel State, where Bro. and Sis. Titus Enu live, was the central point of our traveling. It was here that I had the most time to learn and enjoy Mrican hospitality and culture. In November, about 30 of us left Kwale and traveled to the island of Tombia in the delta of the Niger River where the National campmeeting was held. I was privileged to meet many of the saints who came from various places across Nigeria. The Lord wonderfully blessed the meeting to our hearts. Several evenings were devoted to preaching the gospel in open-air services at the town’s main square with good results. It was here in Tombia that my attention was first called to see the people worshipping idols, which practice darkens the lives of many in Africa. It is amazing to think that this is still in the world, just as it was practiced several thousand years ago when men worshipped the images of Baal and Astareth. The gospel is still the only power that can deliver from darkness.

It is very encouraging to see what the Lord is doing in Nigeria in gathering His people, and raising up congregations, caring for their needs, and sending them out to find others. The saints here in America should be encouraged to know that what we do makes a difference. Our prayers and support provide something very needful to the Church there. I was glad to witness much good being accomplished by the constant labors of the saints in the Lord’s Print Shop. The printed page is of great use in the hands of God.

I could say much more about the trip, but space will not allow at this time, of the other congregations visited; of the faithful lives of the saints in the face of hard circumstances; the everyday kindness of the Lord, and His providences and lessons. I am thankful for all of it.

The brethren in Africa asked me to convey their love and greetings to the Church at large. I would like to thank all of the saints everywhere for your prayers and support. May the Lord bless us as members of His one true Church and as “members one of another” and help us to abide in this truth, and to exalt the good Shepherd before all men.

-Bro. Robert Eckenwiler

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