Editorial—Africa Mission Finances

We greatly appreciate the financial support for the gospel and humanitarian outreach of AMB through the years. Donated funds are used to:

Support ministers, teachers, and gospel workers

Build and repair chapels

Support gospel meetings

Provide transport for gospel outreach

Translate and print the Gospel Truth in six languages

Feed the hungry

Give blankets to the cold

Educate impoverished children

Provide for orphans

Disaster Relief

Missionary Trips

There are many needs and funds are limited in the various aspects of the gospel work. For reference, donations in the last six-month period are down 55% from the same time period last year. There have been times over the years that we did not know what the Lord had in mind, but God has been faithful to supply as He saw fit. We are only able to help and support the gospel work in foreign lands to the degree that funds are made available. Your donations and sacrifice have made a difference in the lives of 1000s of people over the course of this ministry. Thank you for all you have done. We would appreciate your continued prayers for the ministry and work of Africa Mission & Beyond.

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