Emergency Trip to Malawi

The news from Malawi about two weeks ago was 472 families from the Church of God are once again displaced from their homes. 19 of our brothers are dead and 9 missing.  In Mozambique 695 families displaced, 22 dead and 11 still missing. Are they alive or dead?

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This is the news we received. It has been one thing after another in Malawi and Mozambique. Last year they endured three cyclones and even before this disaster they were having hunger issues again, living on mangoes and pumpkin leaves and banking hope on a new crop of maize that had ears formed on the stalks but was not yet ripe. It feels like we have been here before.

Cyclone Freddy

Then a storm formed in the southern Indian Ocean on February 4 and did not end until March 14. It made landfall multiple times. In three days, Malawi received 6 months worth of rain. Freddy was both the longest-lasting and highest-ACE-producing tropical cyclone ever recorded worldwide. The saints in Malawi and Mozambique are in mountainous regions. The rain and runoff created flash flooding and mudslides which occurred in the middle of the night. There were elderly that died and many lost everything. There are a lot of Church of God people in that southern area and they are really hurting.

“We Climbed a Mango Tree”

A man that I have worked with in Malawi reached out to me and informed me that when the floods came in the night that they swept away everything they had. All their belongings were gone in an instant. This father and his daughter along with a couple of his brothers were able to reach a mango tree which they climbed to escape the floodwaters. They stayed in the tree for two days before the soldiers found them on rescue patrol and carried them to safety. His wife has not been found to date.

How We Are Helping


When we first let the news out there was a great outpouring of sacrifice and we sent a nice offering to help the saints in Mozambique, but there was not enough to help the saints in Malawi. Lord willing, on April 10-28 I will make an emergency trip to Malawi as well as a stop in Kenya on my way back to take care of some needed business there. If there are funds we will try to assist the people in the camps with more food. They need blankets as well, but we cannot address that need while there is lack of basic food.

Chapel Roofs

Another goal is to assist those congregations that lost their chapel buildings. In the past we have assisted those that build their own chapels (make the bricks and construct the building) with timber and iron sheets to make a roof that will keep them dry in rainy seasons since the grass thatched roofs leak so badly through time. 11 chapels were damaged in Mozambique and 9 in Malawi. We will be arranging the purchase and delivery of roofing materials for these congregations.

Ministers’ Meeting

We also plan to take two days to bring a few of the ministers together for a ministers meeting. It has been four years since Bro. Michael has visited due to country shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic. This will be a time to encourage, teach and share, building up the ministry and reinforcing the teachings of the Scripture with them.

Pray for Safety

This is a dangerous time for travel. The flood waters have resulted in very polluted waters which bring disease. Cholera and dysentery are prevalent. Mosquitos are bad because of all the water. The home I typically have stayed in has suffered damage and there is concern about me even using the water for cleaning or bathing so Bro. Master insists that I stay in the city and drive back and forth. The roads are not good. Bridges are out, it is still raining and it may be hard to get around.

In addition, I will be visiting Kenya to take care of some business there and there is a lot of protesting and destruction still going on weekly there in many areas of the country, even in the town close to the orphanage.

Thank You for Helping

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to reach out and touch the lives of these people in Malawi. Your donation for food will encourage them in a low time. If you feel burdened to support this endeavor, donate to the Feed the Hungry Fund here. It takes some time for us to wire funds and have them be available in Malawi so feel free to message us and let us know if you are sending a donation for the hungry so we can go ahead and get the wire sent. The funds we wired before for Mozambique were just cleared today, thank the Lord so those distributions will begin on Monday.

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