Every Joint Supplieth

Today we traveled to a congregation in Zomba for Sunday morning service. We were greeted with much hospitality and love. It is always a joy to hear the beautiful singing and special songs by the young people.

I gave a message about walking in the spirit vs. walking after the flesh. I shared with them that on my way to service I saw many people walking on the road; some were going fast, some slowly; some were visiting, others were carrying buckets; some wore clothes while others were without any clothes. I saw a man carrying his Bible and believed that he was going to service; but what if he had turned into a bar to drink?

The Lord wants us to walk in the spirit every day, not just on Sunday. We read about the works of the flesh, comparing and contrasting different examples in the Bible of people who walked after the flesh with those who walked after the spirit.

A number of people came forward to pray. Afterward, two different ministers gave a report of the conditions and needs in the local congregations. Some of the families lost their blankets and bibles in the disaster at the beginning of the year.

They had prepared a meal for me and so we went and ate nsima, kale, and “local” chicken. It was very thoughtful of them to treat me with an orange Fanta as well.

After the service, we traveled to look at another plot of land. It was very difficult to determine the size, although I stepped it all off. It was an irregular shape. I believe it was 5-6 acres. It is located near electricity and only one plot of land removed from the tarmac road. It is located in a central area between Zomba and Phalombe area and is only one hour from Blantyre. Hence, there are many positives to this plot, although I really felt like we needed at least 10 acres minimum. This is proving a challenge and we may need to reassess our needs.

I am feeling very conflicted because of the large project this could turn into. I could see very easily getting involved in farmers training and in business in Malawi for the benefit of the saints to learn. However, my primary burden and call from the Lord is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The orphanage in Kenya, while a wonderful blessing to the children it has benefited, has taken a lot of our time and focus the last number of years. I could see this project just massively adding to that. I want to follow the leadings of the Lord and I don’t want to do anything at the expense of the ministry that has been entrusted to me by the Holy Spirit.

While my mind is full tonight with these thoughts, I am reminded of how all parts of the body must function together. I wonder if God has someone in mind to assist with some aspects of this project. I am not a hundred percent what direction this will go but I felt clear to begin looking for land and possibly even buying it if God opens the door with the right location and provides the funds. Even if the land sits for a few years while it is locally farmed, it would be there for when other doors are open to proceed with development.

Please continue to pray that God would lead me both personally and in all aspects of the humanitarian and gospel work here in Malawi.

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