Farming/Caretaker’s House

What a beautiful site! Since the crops have been planted, the rains have come and are growing well. Fertilizer was applied when the seeds were planted. Since that time, the whole field has been weeded again and another application of fertilizer is soon to be applied. We trust and pray that at minimum the expenses will be recouped. The crops, when harvested, will either be sold and invested back into the land or distributed to the poorest of the saints in the area. [I never knew 20 years ago that I would be involved with farming.]

This week, we have moved to phase two and a caretaker’s house is being built. This is at a cost of about $7000. A smaller house could have been built but we wanted a house large enough for a local family to live to oversee the farm in the coming years and to provide security during future development. If the land is not occupied, neighbors will encroach on the land, crops will be stolen, and crops eaten by free-range animals. It is a little difficult at times because I am not there to oversee some of the projects, but things are moving forward. There is no local hardware or building supply center, so everything has to be trucked in which raises the price of construction.

This is an ongoing development project, and it is best to keep the land productive in the meantime. Lord willing, it will be used in years to come for farmers’ training, camp meetings, an orphan feeding center, and a place for extended Bible teaching.



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