Feed the Hungry

Over the years, we have provided disaster relief in times of food shortages. The countries of Malawi and Mozambique are some of the world’s least developed countries. Since most of the people are subsistence farmers and live on less than $2/day, when the maize crops fail to yield, they face food crises with dismaying regularity. The people do not have access to modern farming techniques so irrigation is not available and they depend upon favorable rains.

Malawi/Mozambique news update 2005

Third Season Drought Reaches Critical Level

The people of Mozambique are suffering tremendously. The third growing season of drought has reached a critical level and is causing death. The people gathered mangoes to eat until they were gone.…

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Making a Difference hunger relief

Making a Difference – Hunger Relief 2016

January 25, 2016 We have received calls from Malawi and Mozambique that the rains stopped after we left and the new crops have all died. If the rains begin again soon, they will have time to…

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malawi news report 2015

Malawi-Mozambique News Report 2015

January 15, 2015 In Malawi, during the month of November, 1400 copies of The Gospel Truth were printed and distributed in the language of Chichewa. Please continue to pray for the success of this…

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disaster relief 2015 feature

Disaster Relief to Malawi-Mozambique

  January 24, 2015 (Feature image: The pastor of Chiringa, Bro. Failos' son, and Bro. Master standing with the load of maize.) Thank you for your sacrifices to provide food for the people of Malawi.…

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Malawi news update

Malawi-Mozambique News Report 2008

February 8, 2008 There has been extreme flooding and rain in Eastern Africa. Thousands have fled their homes in Mozambique. Around 120 families from the saint congregations in Mozambique have gone…

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Bro. Bob Salee in Africa

Bro. Bob Sallee in Africa 1998

(Faith & Victory : April 1998) We would like to thank all of the saints who have so generously supported the humanitarian relief for the Church of God in Malawi, Central Africa. As of this…

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