Feed the Hungry

Over the years, we have provided disaster relief in times of food shortages. The countries of Malawi and Mozambique are some of the world’s least developed countries. Since most of the people are subsistence farmers and live on less than $2/day, when the maize crops fail to yield, they face food crises with dismaying regularity. The people do not have access to modern farming techniques so irrigation is not available and they depend upon favorable rains.

Malawi Food Crisis Progress

Video transcript: We’re living in a time where there is a lot of bad news, but I have some really encouraging news that I want to share with you. We put out an appeal less than two weeks ago about…

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Malawi Food Crisis Update

Currently in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, there is a food crisis. In the past couple of weeks we have been in close contact with the ministers of Malawi and there are literally…

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Malawi Covid Shutdowns Increase Food Insecurity

“Today, Sunday, I have…

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Mozambique — Cyclone Idai

After the initial flooding in…

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Malawi Flood Aid Distribution — March 2019

A huge thank you to all who…

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Malawi Flood Strands Thousands

Reports from Bro. Master…

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Malawi/Mozambique news update 2005

Third Season Drought Reaches Critical Level

The people of Mozambique are suffering tremendously. The third growing season of drought has reached a critical level and is causing death. The people gathered mangoes to eat until they were gone.…

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