Malawi Flood Strands Thousands

Reports from Bro. Master

“There has been heavy rain since Monday (March 4) up to now. All over Malawi thousands of people are homeless.  I have lots of reports and now am on my way to Zomba to see the people there. They called me to come this morning and more have reported tonight. Pray for the saints here in Malawi…

I was not be able to go to Zomba after all because the rain was too heavy, but tomorrow morning I am going there. About 600 families are homeless that are our congregation members but the number will grow tomorrow after I visit Zomba. I will give more report tomorrow as you can see houses fallen down the people have no food, they need food immediately if possible. More tomorrow…

I went to Zomba this morning. Here are pictures taken while I was there today. The church of Baptist came and give some bags of maize to their own members. I visited our own members in two different place where people are spending the night. As I said yesterday, people are stranded, no food the government has not yet solved the problem. It is so widespread it will be difficult to reach everyone. We also depend on you through blessing from God. Pastors from Zomba are now among the camp at school. Today I found 300 families in two places who lost their houses.  I tried to take some pictures of the damaged houses but it was raining too much so i was not able.

If some well wishers can be found, please assist the people. We were already lacking food before the flood as we told you before. We are not asking for food because of that, but this is a time of great trouble. Thank you. May God bless as you are sharing with others.”

Donations may be made through the Feed the Hungry link on this site.

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