Food Shortage at Huruma

There is a food crisis in the country of Kenya due to food shortages combined with inflation. There are calls coming in from congregations in different areas of Kenya with starvation levels of hunger building. Most food has doubled in price and maize has almost quadrupled. There are no longer any donations of maize from the community for the orphanage; even some maize dealers have shut down.

The orphanage is in a critical place and we cannot sustain it with the current price of sponsorship in this crisis. Some of the boarding students from the community have been unable to pay school fees and have gone home. Some have switched to public schools. We have asked the staff not to go into debt for food at the orphanage, but they are in a very tight spot right now.

A few years ago we reduced the price of sponsorship but the amount we are bringing in is no longer enough to sustain a child for a month. There is a need for supplemental funds to help the children have the food they need from day to day. Bro. Peter is very sick and greatly needs to have a period of rest. The stresses at the orphanage make it very difficult for him. We are looking to the Lord to provide.

We do not have plans to raise individual sponsorship for orphans categorically at this time. Any additional donations are key and will help supplement the gap to cover expenses. The loss of community students in school may affect the ability to pay teachers also so that adds to the expense of supporting the orphans when community students are not paying tuition to help keep the school running. Pray for us as we navigate this difficult period and pray for Bro. Peter’s healing. We need him.

Donations may be made to the Huruma Orphanage Fund or the Feed the Hungry Fund on the Donate page.

Click Specific Fund to choose your designation. The Huruma Orphanage fund will exclusively assist in the running of the orphanage. The Feed the Hungry fund will help feed the orphans, and if there is enough may also be used for other congregations in Kenya and beyond suffering from food insecurity at this time. Thank you for making a difference.

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