Freed from Devil Possession

Mektelida is a beautiful 17 year old Tanzanian girl. Her grandfather has been involved in witchcraft and often people will try to infect as many people as possible in their families. Mektelida has been possessed by an evil spirit for some time, to the point that she had to drop out of secondary school. She was unable to be controlled at home, even with chains, and she wandered about on the roads, sleeping outside at night.

The family was at the point of despair and ready to put her under the care of a witch doctor with his potions and spells. The mother who attends the congregation in Mwanza town refused. She heard about the meeting being held and several members of the church started out walking to the meeting which was very far away. Amazingly, the girl cooperated and came with them.

During the first service, she came forward to pray during altar call. There ensued a mighty battle which was traumatic to behold. She ended up unconscious on the floor and was carried out, her body stiff as a board. After the service was dismissed, she roused and the ministers continued praying and rebuking the devils. Praise God, she was delivered and returned to her right mind.

She came to the altar again in the next service when there was a call to have the blood of Jesus applied for the forgiveness of sin. She yielded herself to the Lord willingly and there were none of the previous manifestations of the devil. This morning when there was a call to consecrate and yield to the Lord, she came yet again.

We visited with her personally and she is a very timid, shy girl, but so sweet. She at first seemed almost in a daze and was very reluctant to engage in conversation, but opened up with time and she is determined to return to school and finish. Please pray for her that the Holy Spirit will shield her from evil and that she will follow the Lord Jesus with all of her heart. Her mother testified that they had had a peaceful night last night with no outbursts and that there was a definite change in her behavior and demeanor. The Lord worked a wonderful miracle. Thank you for your prayers for Mektelida.

We have checked in on Mektelida several times. Her family says she is still doing well and she has been completely healed!!

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