Ghana Camp Meeting 2017

Ghana camp meeting 2017
Bro. Naths-Igbanibo, his wife, and Bro. Chinedu traveled to Ghana from Nigeria to spiritually support the Ghana camp meeting this year in April. The ministers met for four days of Bible study before the meeting commenced.

Topics covered in the Ministers Study:

Topic: At Evening Time It Shall Be Light (Bro. Naths-Igbanibo, April 7, 2017).

Aim: To ensure that the light of the gospel Jesus came with, which shone in the hearts of His disciples in the inception (morning) of the Church of God, making her light shine out to the world, should be the same in the evening time we are in. This gospel light should be reflecting in our lives, daily, for people to see according to what the church is bearing in compliance with government requirement.

Topic: To Learn of Jesus Christ (Bro.Naths Igbanibo Aprill 8, 2017).

Aim: To learn of Him (Jesus) and to model our Christian lives after Him in meekness, lowliness and in humility.


Sunday Lesson: Encouragement to Trust in the Lord (Bro. Chinedu Uba, April 9, 2017).
The brethren were encouraged to look unto God, through Christ, because of His strong and unfailing promises. The thought He has for us in His Word remains assuring and that He would uphold His faithful children to the end.

Sunday Message: Parable of the Ten Virgins (Bro. Naths-Igbanibo, April 9, 2017).

Topic: Manifesting the Crucified Life of Christ Among Us (Bro. Naths-Igbanibo, April 10,2017)

Aim: To convey to our knowledge the gains and the victory that is in living the crucified life of Jesus Christ among us as believers for people to see. Having denounced the activities of the flesh, we must not be seen doing things that will portray self, pride, worldliness, etc., realizing all such things would not promote Christlikeness in our lives. Furthermore, we were made to understand that those things should be seen as enemies to our soul.

Topic: Harmony (Bro. Chinedu Uba, April 11, 2017)

Topic: Revival (Bro. Chinedu Uba, April 12, 2017)

Camp Meeting Topics/Messages:

Topic: Signs of Christ Coming (Bro. Naths-Igbanibo, April 14, 2017).

Topic: Zeal (Bro. Chinedu Uba, April 15, 2017).

Topic: The Parable of the Net (Bro. Naths-Igbanibo, April 16, 2017).

We saw the camp forum as a challenging one to us, how to measure up and remain safe. Therefore, the question was asked, as Jesus asked in Matthew 13:51, “Have ye understood all these things?” And the response was YES. We blessed the name of the Lord and pleaded for His grace in our prayer. Bro. Albert of Asankare translated all through the sessions and to the understanding of everybody.

-Bro. Naths-Igbanibo

Note: Bro. Igbanibo became weak due to the long journey and it was difficult for him to walk. The Ghana brethren were very concerned about the rigorous return journey to Nigeria. Africa Mission & Beyond in conjunction with the German brethren, made it possible for the Nigerian team to return by plane. This proved to be a great blessing to the health of Bro. Igbanibo.

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