Ghana Cashew Farming Project

Cashew Farm Land Purchased: 

Following the visit to Ghana in January of this year, the Lord so wonderfully provided the funds to purchase ten acres of land upon which to grow cashews. After the purchase, the seller was in an accident and his family tried to reclaim the land. The case was taken to court and the judge ruled in favor of the church. God be praised. This is part of a self-sustaining project for the gospel work in Ghana. It will take three to five years to begin to harvest the cashews. Each of four ministers will have charge of two acres of land and the remaining two acres will be jointly farmed by the local congregations to assist with camp meeting expenses. This land was purchased and donated to the local church in Ghana and is not under our control nor administered by a foreign entity. Thank you to each one who donated to the Ghana Cashew Farming Project.


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