Ghana Field Report July 2017

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The following report was submitted by Bro. Naths-Igbanibo.

Soon after the Ghana 2017 camp meeting, a ministers’ meeting was initiated by Bro. Maxwell Nkasah, the host Pastor, to discuss the various challenges of the different congregations.


1) Bro. Maxwell Nkasah – Pastor Akumadan congregation
2) Bro. Emmanuel Atobrah- Pastor Nkiekaanso congregation
3) Bro. James Badu – Pastor Tanoso congregation
4) Bro. Emmanuel Boateng – Pastor Tadieso congregation
5) Bro. Albert Boabeng – Pastor Asankare congregation
6) Bro David Owusuansah – Pastor Kumasi congregation
7) Bro. Chinedu Uba – Nigeria
8) Bro. Naths-Igbanibo, F. – Nigeria

After expression of appreciation to God for seeing us through the camp meeting despite the health and financial challenges that confronted us in the course of the meeting. Immediately after a short prayer, the meeting began. It was all to catalog the financial needs of the ministry as well as infrastructural decay/ needs of the congregation….

1. Akumadan: Maxwell reported that the water system has collapsed; the children went outside the premises fetching water. They did so also to serve all the needs during the camp meeting. When I asked Bro. Maxwell the possible cause of failure he responded by saying that the hand-dug well that was provided by Bro Alen had become shallow, the sump pump could no longer pump water from the water table. The solution to the problem would be to increase the depth of the well using a drilling machine, he concluded.

2. Nkiekaansoh: Bro. Atobrah reported that the mission house was in a dilapidated condition with the roof leaking seriously. The well that was dug half way and left in that condition all these years, has not only constituted a death trap to children but has become the collection of dirt and reptiles. It needs completion to provide the very essential water on the premises. The chapel remains without walls therefore making it possible for domestic animals such as goats, etc. to have easy access to the hall. A major work was suggested to be done on the chapel – the construction of walls and fixing of other facilities. The mission house to be re-roofed and renovation of the entire building to make it habitable, he suggested.

3. Tanoso: James reported the standstill state of the chapel. That it has remained in the stage the construction reached some years ago. That further step is needed to bring the project to completion.

4. Tadieso: Emmanuel Boateng reported – appreciative of two plots of land bought for the church, a plot each by Bros. Alen and Michael. But regretted that no development has been initiated and pleaded for help. He further submitted that the community having placed embargo on the use of school building for worship has been sending signal to occupants to make alternative arrangements for their convenience. If urgent step was not taken, the church might be stranded.

5. Kumasi: Bro. David reported that the church was still having fellowship in a private building. Furthermore, that the government had been warning all churches to be identified with their own building for their activities. Acquisition of land is imperative as a first step.

6. Asankare: Bro Albert reporting said he had stepped into the shoes of Bro. Andrews, and had been working hard with the assistance of Sis. Janet Kusi to bring about revival to the flocks. It seems he has developed passion for Christ’s mission on earth as it affects Ghana. [Since the passing of Bro. Andrews, the congregation at Asankare has been in need of a pastor. Bro. Albert has felt a burden to move there and fill that position. It has presented great challenges for him to move from his home into a new community without work and means of sustenance. Please pray that God will provide the necessary work and support for him and his family.]

Note: Funds were sent to assist the brethren in paying the taxes on some of the congregational properties.

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