Ghana Mission History

Ghana Mission Overview

In 1980, Sis. Dorothy Keiser began corresponding with a man, Jim Akwasi, from Ghana who had received literature from the Faith Publishing House and was hungry for the truth. With a burden for the…

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Africa trip plan

Mission Trip Planned -1983

  Faith & Victory : December 1982 It was my thoughts to go to India again this year, and I had been saving towards that end, but the Lord has rested me from the trip this year. I would like…

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Ghana Missionary Report – Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Faith & Victory : March 1983 Dear Bro. Flynn, co-workers, and all saints scattered abroad: Greetings of Christian love to all of you in the precious name of Jesus. "He hath shewed his people the…

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Ghana history 1983

Ghana Mission Report 1983

Faith & Victory : April 1983 Okla.-Dear workers at the Print Shop, and saints scattered abroad: Greetings in Jesus' dear name. I have had one written communication from Bro. Jim Akwasi in Ghana…

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Ghana report 1984

Ghana Mission Report 1984

Planned Trip Report (Faith & Victory : January 1984) Okla.-Dear Bro. Flynn, all workers, and saints scattered abroad: This comes your way trusting that all of you had a blessed Christmas, and…

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Native’s Experience with Witchcraft

(Faith & Victory : September 1985) Dear Saints everywhere: I want to write my testimony of how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ delivered my 12 year-old daughter, Joyce Peprah. It all started at…

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Ghana Mission Report – Sis Dorothy Keiser 1985

(Faith & Victory : February 1985) Jan. 15, 1985 Dear Sis. Pruitt, Bro. Murphey and all workers at the Print Shop, Greetings of Christian love to all, and to all of the dear saints scattered…

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Obituary and Memory of Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Obituary of Sis. Dorothy Keiser (Faith & Victory: March 1986) Dorothy Naomi (Bosserman) Keiser was born February 28, 1913 and passed away January 18, 1986 in Pacoima, California at the age of 72…

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letter from

Letter from John Y. Peprah Ghana, Africa

Concerning Sis. Dorothy - from Ghana (Faith & Victory : March 1986) Dear Sister Pruitt, Brother Wayne and all Saints in the Great Vineyard: Greetings of love in the mighty name of our Redeemer.…

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Apology from Ghana

(Faith & Victory : September 1996) Dear Bro. Wayne: Greetings to you all in the precious name of Christ. How are you and the rest of the brethren and sisters in the Lord? First of all, I would…

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Ghana mission trip 1998

Ghana Mission Trip Report 1998

(Faith & Victory : October 1998) I want to give a heartfelt thank-you to each one who carried a burden for me and the work in Africa while I was gone to Ghana and Malawi this last month. It was…

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Ghana update 1999

Ghana Mission Update 1999

(Faith & Victory : June 1999) Dear Saints: In a recent letter from Bro. Maxwell in Ghana, he stated, "By the grace of God all are doing well here in Ghana and the Lord is doing wonderful things…

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