Ghana & Kenya Trip

Lord willing, I will be leaving on Monday, January 15, 2018 for a mission trip to Ghana and Kenya. It has been three years since I visited Ghana. Since that time, Bro. Andrews, a solid man of God, passed away. We continue to feel that loss personally and in the gospel efforts in Ghana. I plan to be in Ghana for a week visiting the different congregations and having ministers’ meeting with the brethren. I long to see a greater acceptance of truth in the congregations, especially from the women. The ministers expressed last time that when they teach on certain subjects, many of the women reject it. Please pray for these small congregations that the truth they have heard for many years will take root and grow. God is longsuffering and not willing that any should perish.

Here at home it has been down to zero degrees at times. In Ghana the temperature is around 100 degrees. I pray for health and strength for the rigors of this trip and for spiritual blessings in every gathering.

I will fly from Ghana to Kenya where I will spend two weeks. Upon arrival, I will travel 150 miles out of Nairobi and visit a new contact where we will have services with the local congregations in his vicinity. I will then travel back to NBO and take a flight to Eldoret where I will see my visiting nieces for an afternoon. Sunday morning, I will get transport about 40 km to another newer congregation. I will meet Bro. Peter here for services. The following days will be spent taking care of orphanage business and having gospel services in different locations. There are many new contacts that we have had over the last couple of years, some of whom we will meet. We are praying for the Lord to give discernment and understanding that we might find people who have an honest and open heart for the true things of God. There will be a lot of traveling and meeting new people on this trip. The political situation in Kenya is still tenuous and we pray that there will continue to be calmness in the country and that the roads stay safe to travel.

The work at the orphanage is great and there are many needs. In the last few months, we began building a new primary school. God has been faithful in so many ways. We trust that the work can move forward to completion without too much delay.

I will be gone almost a month and would appreciate prayers for my family at home and for these gospel efforts which are in the interest of the Kingdom of God.  There have been a few brothers that have expressed a potential burden to accompany me on these trips, but it did not work for them this time. A young couple was considering going to meet me for the Ghana part of the mission, but I just received word that they will not be able to go this month. I pray that the Lord will burden ministers and qualified people to assist with the mission work.

Thank you for your prayers.

-Michael Smith

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