Ghana Mission Overview


In 1980, Sis. Dorothy Keiser began corresponding with a man, Jim Akwasi, from Ghana who had received literature from the Faith Publishing House and was hungry for the truth. With a burden for the pure gospel to be spread, Sis. Dorothy made a trip to Ghana on January 9, 1983 and returned home on Jan 25, 1983.

During the short time that she was there, there was much interest in the gospel and souls were added to the kingdom – thus the work began. Financial support was sent to Ghana and a mission house was built in preparation for a resident missionary. Jim Akwasi was the native minister that was overseeing the work of the Church of God in Ghana at the time.

Being burdened by the Lord, Sis. Dorothy returned to Ghana on Jan 8,1984. God blessed her efforts and she said rarely a service went by that someone didn’t get saved. It seems that at this particular time, the spiritual doors were wide open in Ghana. Sis. Keiser was a single woman of age, but God used her greatly. She loved living in Ghana and was willing to finish her time on earth there. In the first year, she faced many spiritual and temporal battles, but was victorious in the face of the enemy.

Sis. Keiser returned to the U.S. after about a year in Ghana. She went back to Ghana a few months later in March of 1985. Sis. Keiser almost died in August but the Lord raised her up to continue the work for a few more months. Other native ministers began to labor for the truth and God prospered their efforts. There were times that Sis. Keiser suffered so much persecution that she wondered if it would be more profitable for her to return home, but she continued working with the people she had come to love. Sis. Keiser returned to the States once again in December of 1985, planning only to stay until the end of January before going back to live in Ghana.

While in Pacoima, CA, Sis. Keiser took sick with malaria and passed away on January 18, 1986 at the age of 72 years.

Sis. Dorothy Keiser’s consecration ought to be an encouragement and challenge to all. She left the comforts of home to go to a strange land to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ at the age of 69. Most of our excuses for why we can’t work for the Lord ought to fall away when we consider Sis. Keiser.

Shortly after her death, the enemy took advantage in Ghana and division and trouble arose. Ministers ‘walked’ away from the work and the congregations dissolved. Although discouraging on the surface, the seed of the gospel had been planted.

In 1996, the Lord began to stir the hearts of a few souls in Ghana who had one time walked with God. Bro. Maxwell Nkansah wrote from Ghana of how they had done wrong and were asking God and the saints for forgiveness. The flame of truth began to flicker alive once again after ten years.

msmithIn 1998, the Lord burdened Bro. Michael Smith to go to Ghana (before going on to Malawi) to share the truth and help the congregation get re-established. He spent two weeks in September teaching Bible doctrine and answering many questions that the people had concerning truth. The work was very young spiritually, but he found the ministers hungry for truth. One evening, the congregation and Bro. Michael held an outreach service in the village where 200-300 people attended. Souls were saved and 23 individuals were baptized on that trip. Contrary to what some think, much of Africa is inundated with religion. Thus, the media and false religion are quickly dulling people’s senses to the purity of the Word.

Funds were sent to Ghana to help complete a small, chapel building in Akumadan where Bro. Maxwell Nkansah is pastoring.

reneBro. Michael and Sis. René Smith left for Ghana on July 26, 1999 and returned home on August 14. Their purpose and desire was, and still is, to see the natives get established and rooted in truth. If the natives can get a vision and understanding of the truth, they can more effectively spread the gospel in their native tongue. The congregation had not had a meeting for years, so a three-day ‘camp-meeting’ was held with the Lord richly blessing. Bro. Michael spent the two weeks in much Bible study and teaching with the native ministers while Sis. René conducted children’s meeting. A new work was started by one of the native brethren in the village of Tanaso.

devonzachBro. Michael, Sis. René and their two boys returned to Ghana on October 25, 2000. They were in Ghana for about six weeks before Bro. Michael continued on to Nigeria on December 8, and his family returned home. Their days were filled with teaching and preaching. Outdoor meetings were held in two villages where new congregations had sprung up due to the labors of Bro. Badu and Bro. Atobrah. The Smith’s held a short revival meeting in a large Assembly of God church in the village. It matters not where or to whom, as long as the gospel is preached. The Lord did some wonderful things on this trip.

It was a blessing for the natives to see a husband, wife and children living and operating as God ordained. The ministers are growing in spiritual understanding and the small congregations are encouraged.

Bro. Michael returned to Ghana and Nigeria in 2001 (Nov. 29 – Dec. 25). Once again, his time in Ghana was spent in teaching the three native ministers. He was able to purchase a motorbike and supplies to have a three-wheeled machine made for Bro. Maxwell, who is crippled. The Devil was hard at work in Ghana, and Bro. Michael was faced with some trying situations. God prevailed over the enemy but it was at the sacrifice of a few souls who walk no longer with the Lord.

Bro. Michael Smith had a ticket purchased to return to Ghana in October of 2004, but because of physical problems due to an injury, he was unable to travel.

In 2004, the congregation started a school for the children. This is big endeavor and is going to require much effort. The congregations in Ghana are still young in the Lord and need much prayer that the Lord would help them grow to maturity. The ministers are very zealous of spreading the gospel. At present there are three congregations.

Let us pray that God would continue to bless the work in Ghana that they would find the fullness of the blessings of God and that the gospel would spread across the land.

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