Ghana Mission Report 1983

Ghana history 1983

Faith & Victory : April 1983

Okla.-Dear workers at the Print Shop, and saints scattered abroad: Greetings in Jesus’ dear name.

I have had one written communication from Bro. Jim Akwasi in Ghana since I returned home on Jan. 25th. That was one month later, with the promise he would be writing again soon. He said they watched my plane take off from Accra with many prayers for my safe return home. They arrived back in the village two days later, and he reported no people present on the first Sunday of the meeting of the Church of God. This was good news and we do thank God.

Ghana is experiencing some internal problems. There was a real shortage of food when I was there. Just a few days after my return to the U. S., over one million Ghanaians were returned to Ghana from a neighboring state, with only the clothing they were wearing. This, no doubt, is affecting some or all of the dear ones I left there. Please pray for them, that they stay faithful to God. This would seem a hard situation for newborn babes to face, but God knows all about the situation, and He is able to keep them through it all. Pray that mail will not be tied up, but that someone over here will be able to hear from them soon.

Yours for souls all over the world,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

[At press time: Sis. Dorothy Keiser has informed us that she received a letter from Bro. Jim Akwasi on March 28. The letter gave a good spiritual report of much interest among the people and a number of new converts; however, it also brought the sad news of a disaster in that area. A fire had been raging out of control and had burned over 100,000 acres of land, consuming all farms along with their staple crops, and some have lost their personal belongings, etc. Bro. Jim stated that some people have been burned while trying to protect their farms, but there had not been any loss of life. The country has been in a drought since Sept., 1982. Food items were very scarce when Sis. Keiser was over there; now with their crops destroyed by fire it seems that starvation will be prevalent. Sis. Keiser is investigating the possibility of sending food to them. Let’s pray much for these dear people. If anyone desires to donate to this cause, or if you desire more information, you may contact Sis. Dorothy Keiser at Rt. 6 Box 8 B, Shawnee, Ok. 74801. -Editor]

Report of Conditions In Ghana

(Faith & Victory : May 1983)

Okla.-Dear Bro. Flynn, co-workers, and all the saints scattered abroad: Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus.

The return to Ghana of approximately two million Ghanaians from Nigeria, with only what they had on their backs, and the fire which burned up many acres of crops (their food), has been a great trial of faith to the dear saints there. Bro. Jim Akwasi writes that they have been living on tapioca, which is a root they use like potatoes.

I have written to them believing that their local relief agencies would be a quicker source of food for them than through our agencies here; CARE is not operating in Ghana.

The cost of sending food in such an amount by air would be prohibitive, and to send food by boat would take at least six months; also, there is the possibility that it would never reach them because of thievery or wind up on the black market. Just do whatever God tells you to do. Money doesn’t seem to be their problem in regard to food-there just isn’t any food to buy. I have written them asking how the money should be handled that has come in for this purpose. I have sent them some money and am just waiting to hear from them. They are in a hard place, but our God has a way of working in hard places to show Himself strong in behalf of his trusting children. I felt impressed to pray for the rains to come so they could plant their crops again.

Bro. Jim’s letter to me dated Mar. 22, was more encouraging. The rains have started slowly, and they were beginning to plant. Thank God for answered prayer! I have sent 2 packages of garden seeds (over 2 Ibs.) by air. . . . Do pray with me that they will get there, and that they will adjust to their climate and soil. I will send more regularly if they get them.

Another work has been started in Afrancho, with 26 members. . . . Money is coming in for their needs of a chapel and mission house. We do thank God for the way He is working.

Yours for souls all over the world,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Mission Work in Ghana

Faith & Victory : June 1983

Okla.-Dear Bro. Flynn and saints scattered abroad: Greetings of Christian love in Jesus’ dear name.
I am coming your way again with the latest news I have received from Ghana. Bro. Jim Akwasi reports that his uncle, Duku, who is a military man, has contacted the President of Ghana in regard to obtaining a one year visa for a resident missionary in Ghana, and that it has been granted; all they need is a name to put on it.

God has prepared and is preparing the hearts of the people in Ghana for gospel labor. The door is open for someone to enter. I am wondering who will heed the Macedonian call, “Come over into Ghana and help us”? …..

Let us not say, “There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” John 4:35. There are so many demands for our time today, that it becomes easy to put off needful things to some time out in the future. Next January it will be one year since I went to Ghana. There is a great need for an established work of God there. The field is so new that it shouldn’t be left unattended. There are many false movements abroad which are only too anxious to take unguarded sheep.

By September of this year (three months away), it seems that someone should have the knowledge of a definite call from God to go to Ghana; and by Jan., 1984, (six months away) that person called should be ready to go-passport, visa, ticket, and a consecrated, prepared, qualified heart ready for service. . . .

I have some good slides to show and many interesting things to tell of my trip to and of life in Ghana. If anyone would like to talk with or write to me regarding Ghana, I will be happy to help in any way I can.

I want to thank everyone for the offerings which have been sent for the work in Ghana, and for the many prayers that have ascended to heaven for them in their hours of great need. Continue to keep them in your heart. Pray for me, that I will ever be faithful wherever God places me in the harvest fields of the world.

Yours in Him,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Ghana Report

Faith & Victory : September 1983

Okla.-Dear Bro. Flynn, workers in the Print Shop, and all saints everywhere: Greetings of Christian love to everyone in the lovely name of Jesus.

Once again I come your way on behalf of the work of the Church of God in Akumadan-Ash, and Afrancho, Ghana, West Africa. Bro. Jim Akwasi writes that the work there is coming right along with the adding of new converts into the household of God. . . . Money that has been sent to them from the saints in America for the building of a chapel has been going into the purchase of supplies for the building. They are looking to Nigeria for some of their needs as supplies are scarce and high-priced in Ghana. Pray that God will guide them.

Food is still scarce. They have at least part of the seed which was sent to them, and it has adjusted to the soil and climate of Ghana. Harvest is in the month of September, and we are looking to God for a bountiful crop of fresh food to go with their yams and tapioca.

Soon after I returned from Ghana last January, a precious young sister threw her arms around me and said she would like to go back to Ghana with me. I do believe that we have a young missionary in the making, but it doesn’t seem that now is the time for her to go. I love her very much and appreciate her missionary zeal, and her time to go for God will come.

No other person has talked to me seriously of going to Ghana as a resident missionary. After being there and seeing with my own eyes their needs-experiencing hunger along with them, seeing a spiritual reaching out for the gospel, and the open door set before us, I am constrained to go back to them for a while. I have started to make preparations to return to Ghana in Jan., 1984. I know that world conditions could change things over night, and things within Ghana could close the door forever, but I have fully committed this into God’s hands and I press forward. I ask for the prayers of the saints everywhere for His protecting hand upon my going in and out, for my health, and that a harvest of souls will be forthcoming from this missionary effort.

Yours for souls around the world,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Missionary Trip Planned

(Faith & Victory : October 1983)

Okla.-Dear Bro. Randall: Greetings of Christian love in the name of Jesus to all the saints here and scattered abroad.

Once again I come your way with a report concerning the Church of God work in Ghana, W. Africa. Souls are being saved and baptized; the floor and the walls of the mission house have been constructed, and the roof goes on next. As funds continue to come in they will be able to finish the building.

I am preparing to return to Ghana in Jan., 1984, but I have been a little concerned over a Ghana advisory report from Washington, which appeared in Travel Weekly, Sept. 15, issue. I quote: “The State Department has advised that U. S. Citizens not travel to Ghana except for essential reasons, . . . chances are great for considerable inconveniences, including strict security checks and other travel restrictions for arriving and departing passengers.” The report almost persuaded me to give up plans to go, but since that report came to my attention, Bro. Jim Akwasi got me out of bed the other morning with an international phone call from Accra, Ghana, telling me to come on a two-week visa as I did before. After I get there I should be able to get a 6-months or a 12-months permit to stay on the mission field. Before the day was over I received a cable from him giving me the same instructions.

Unless God would intervene, I can’t turn these instructions down. What reason could be more essential than taking the gospel into Ghana? Bro. Jim’s Uncle Duku, who is a man of some authority, will meet me at the airport and conduct me through customs, and also in departing…

I desire that all the saints pray that my every effort will be anointed and count for the winning of souls. This could be the past personal contact I shall ever have with them.

Yours for souls,

-Dorothy Keiser

Planned Trip Update

(Faith & Victory : December 1983)

Okla.-Dear Bro. Flynn and co-workers at the Print Shop, and saints scattered abroad: Greetings of Christian love in Jesus’ name. I want to thank everyone for their many prayers that have reached God on behalf of the work in Ghana, and for the offerings that have come in for the church building started there. Besides what has already been received, I have something over $1,000 to take to them. Also, to date $390 has come in for the Twi Bibles requested. I can’t buy them in the U. S., so will have to buy them in Ghana.

I will be able to take extra freight with me on the plane at $66 per piece not weighing more than 70 Ibs. each. Since used clothing is a real need there, I hope to take two bundles, 140 Ibs. of them to the saints, and two boxes including dehydrated foods, a folding cot, a two-burner kerosene stove, etc.-things I will need if I do get a resident missionary permit for six or twelve months. I am waiting on my visa. . . .

I have received and answered a lot of mail at this time at my home. After Jan. 1, 1984, do not send mail to me here. My mailing address will be: c/o Jim Akwasi Konadu Yiadom, P. O. Box 44, Akumadan-­Ash, Ghana, W. Africa. If money is enclosed for the work there, it should be in cashier’s check or money order made out to Bro. Jim or myself. Any offerings designated for the work in Ghana will also be received by Faith Publishing House, P. O. Box 518, Guthrie, Ok. 73044.

I desire your prayers.

-Dorothy Keiser

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