Ghana Mission Report – Sis Dorothy Keiser 1985

(Faith & Victory : February 1985)

Jan. 15, 1985

Dear Sis. Pruitt, Bro. Murphey and all workers at the Print Shop, Greetings of Christian love to all, and to all of the dear saints scattered abroad.

Time has gotten away from me. Since the mailing to and from Ghana is so slow, and my trip home was so quick, I haven’t had the time to catch up with reports from off of the field. Since I plan to return to Ghana about the middle of March I felt very strongly to get this report ready for the Feb. Issue of Faith and Victory. I am receiving letters from scattered saints asking about the work so I will try to catch up with the news.

The Mission House is finished, but not fully furnished. Jim Akwasi, wife, two little children and I have been living in it. Because Jim is pastoring the work at Akumadan, he is living there and is responsible to keep the place up. Everyone of the saints should be happy with the house for it is very nice considering Ghana standards in general.

The Church of God has not been registered in Ghana yet, as I write this. Until the Ghana Government opens the door to further register churches, we cannot build church houses. Money that comes in for building will be held in the bank until such a time as the Church can go ahead with their building. I am trusting that by the time I return in March the Church will be registered as Duku Agymang, an uncle to Jim, is working on the foundation work for us.

This past year has been a year of learning to live with and in a far different culture than our own. The battle has been hot at times. I have only been able to see “one set of footprints” many times, as the poem goes. God never forsook me, but carried me in those places that were too much for me. I could write a book on my first year in Ghana, a strange land; bed bugs, lead poisoning in my hands, talked about, written about, robbed twice, threatened kidnapping, disturbing reports about my safety, food problems, loss of weight problems and the many spiritual problems to be dissolved, some of which are yet weighing on my soul. One dear young preacher brother has written since I have been home, “count all the difficulties you met here in Ghana as a blessing, for the Lord said he will never leave us nor forsake us”. This past year has been a time of breaking down and it still goes on, but I am looking forward to a year of real spiritual growth in Ghana. In myself I don’t feel able for the work, but my whole dependence is on God and the Holy Spirit leadership. This is my life’s work and I want to be faithful to my charge. I desire your prayers always. Just one soul is worth more than the whole world.

The village life is hard on a person and it is felt by many in Ghana, and here, that it would be better if I would live in Kumasi, a large city. There I could get an apartment which would make it more like home. I would have city water, electricity, a phone, a good Post Office and access to a better variety of foods. We want to start a work there in the near future. As soon as I get an address in Kumasi it will be published in the Faith and Victory.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and, offerings, letters of encouragement and used clothing in case I have failed to write personally. Don’t write to my Shawnee address after March 5th as I might not receive the mail. My address will be as before: Box 44, Akumadan-Ash, Ghana, West Africa.

Yours in His service,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser (pic)

(Faith & Victory : May 1985)

Mar. 29

Dear Sis. Maybelle, Bro. Wayne, workers and all saints scattered abroad: Greetings to all of you from your missionary to Ghana, in the lovely name of Jesus.

After 3 months of rest and recuperation, I am back at the job again. It took almost 3 full days and 2 full nights to make the trip to Ghana, but I arrived safely and on schedule.

It was raining here when I arrived. Even though I had sent 3 cables to different brothers to meet me, it didn’t seem anyone was there. I went through customs by myself and had no problems. When I got outside I found that one of my cables had gotten through, Bro’s. John Reproh and Appiah Isaiah were waiting for me. I was most happy to see someone I knew, and to have help with the 150 lbs. of luggage I brought with me.

We went to see Jim’s Uncle Duku. He hadn’t received my cables so he wasn’t expecting me. Since it was early in the day we continued on to Kumasi, spending the night at a hotel owned by one of Appiah’s brothers. It was nice and I rested real well. We went on to Akumadan-Ash the next morning, (Sunday) arriving early in the afternoon.

I preached here at Akumadan the next Sunday on love, faith and obedience. The response was good. In the afternoon we went to a nearby village and did some personal work. At one place the people gathered around in a large crowd and after preaching the Word many hands were raised for prayer. After prayer I saw many relieved faces; many tears. Surely God changed some lives that day. We are going back there shortly to preach some more.

Next week, two of the brothers will go to Kumasi to purchase a loud speaker system for street work. This is a real need right now. It will be purchased with some of the offerings received while I was home.

I have a visa now for three months. During this time Duku will be working on the church registration, and a resident visa for me so that I can stay as long as I want to.

Do pray God to work all of this out. This is the time for Ghana to be saved. God surely opened the door for me to come back. Not much can be accomplished in three months and my heart is open to stay and take advantage of this great opportunity to see souls saved. I do know that if God opens a door, (and God can find a person to enter it) that no man can close it. Herein lies my hope. Pray for me. I am trusting that soon I will be located in Kumasi where I will fare better.

Yours for many souls,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

(Faith & Victory : July 1985)

May 28

Dear Sis. Maybelle, Bro. Wayne, workers at the Print Shop, and all other saints scattered abroad: Greetings of Christian love to everyone.

Once again we come your way by the printed page with news from Ghana. We have been back on the field now for better than two months. Many trips have been made to Accra on behalf of the registration of the church. We can at last report the church registered as of April 30, 1985. This is surely a work of God for churchs are not being registered here. Duku Agyemang, an uncle to Jim Akwasi, has given much time to the church registration, and we are indeed grateful to him for the good work he has done on behalf of the establishing of the church here.

Since we are free to operate every place in Ghana now, we are planning a series of street meetings in the surrounding villages. We will be using the loud speaker system that we were able to purchase with some of the offerings given when I was home at Christmas time.

We are also able to have a church bank account at the Commercial Bank of Ghana in Kumasi. This bank deals with the Foreign Exchange and is better located for our work in Ghana.

I don’t know yet how much time I am going to get here. The ministers have signed a letter requesting I be permitted to stay on. The Head Master of the Secondary School gave me a nice letter requesting I get to stay on and another titled man here in the village gave me two sheets of letterhead paper signed and with his seal, and said just “say what you, want.” I am very happy for the confidence that people are having in me and for the progress of the, truth reaching hearts in Ghana.

I am confident of extended time here and as soon as I can find a place in Kumasi to live, I will be residing there. The bank, the post office, city water, electricity and a better food supply is waiting for me there. As soon as I can get a post office box number I will let everyone know.

Pray for the work here and for me that God make me little enough and big enough for the work cut out for me.

Your missionary to Ghana,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

(Faith & Victory : September 1985)


Dear Sis. Maybelle, Bro. Wayne, all workers at the Print Shop and saints everywhere: Greetings of Christian love to all, from your missionary to Ghana, in the lovely name of Jesus Christ. Once again I come your way with good news from Ghana. Since the Church of God is registered, we are free to operate in Ghana, so we have started to hold street meetings in nearby villages.

The young man, Kafi Marfo, who was on the robbery case with the police department when I was robbed last year, gave us a special invitation and requested us to hold a meeting in his home village of Wenchi. We arranged for the meeting to be held June 27-29, 1985. The chief of the village, the preachers of different churches and all the village people turned out to welcome us. We went to a school room, borrowed benches from another church, and had a full house morning and evening. The meeting was a wonderful success. Bro. Marfo fed and lodged us in his brother’s modern house. He got saved along with a church house full of people. There were many prayers and fastings that went into this meeting and God hath given the increase. We are praising God for the Church that has been raised in Wenchi on a solid foundation.

Ghana is open to the gospel. We can only go as fast as prayers, fasting and funds to work with come our way; In spite of many hindrances, God is moving the Church of God forward in Ghana. There is a real hunger amongst the people for truth. All that most of the church-going people know is a form of godliness, but they are dead, denying the power of God to live free from sin. The people themselves tell me this: “born, raised, live and die in a church, but never made a new creature in Christ Jesus.” Pray for us and help us to get the gospel out.

I am still working on a resident permit. If I don’t get it by August 27th, I will have to leave the country and return again. I will have to either go to Togo or Nigeria, and enter Ghana again with another short visa. They have given me all the time they can on my present visa (6 months).

There is another evil in Ghana that needs to be stopped, and that is witch and wizard craft. Many be­lieve that when a baby is born, if they are not protected, a witch or a wizard can get to them and either feed them something or bathe them in something that is supposed to cause them to be witches and wizards in life. Every family has someone afflicted with this craft. The land is full of these spirits. I have been told that there are many evil spirits working against me here, but if I keep myself in the love of God, they cannot harm me. I shall prevail over them with fasting and prayer.

I have asked Bro. John Peprah to relate his experiences with witchcraft in regards to his daughter. It took a week of fasting and prayer to break the power of it. She is delivered. Praise God!

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

(Faith & Victory : November 1985)

Sept. 23

Dear Sis. Maybelle, Bro. Wayne and all workers at the Print Shop and saints scattered abroad everyplace: Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus.

Things are moving along about as usual here. We have been having lots of rain which pollutes the river water so I still have to boil water for drinking. It stays damp, sticky and hot. The covers of my Bible tend to mold.

I am keeping my weight up very well. Since the Lord brought me back from death’s door I have been well, and I am encouraged to press the battle on here till my work is finished.

We have tried for a year and a half to find a place in Techiman for the pastor of the work there and his family to live but we just can’t get anything. What they want doesn’t amount to much, just a big room divided by curtains into living and bedroom. They cook and eat outside. We have kept him going twice a week by bus to take care of the work, but it runs into money. We will have to drop the work there if there isn’t a change soon because of finance and a place to stay.

The Wenchi work is doing fine. Bro. Marfo is spending much time there and he personally is growing in the Lord. It is truly wonderful what God has done and is doing for him and the work there.

We can use a lot of Faith and Victory papers. And we want to start a library of good Church of God books. If anyone feels inspired to help us out we will appreciate it. There is no duty on books.

I have received another three months on visa. Meanwhile I am still trying for a resident permit which will enable me to go and come at will.

I should be moving into my apartment in about two weeks. I have ordered a Private Mail Bag at the Kumasi-Ashanti Post Office in the name of the Church of God, Evening Light.

I will be very glad to get moved. I will be located in a good section of Kumasi called Bomoso Section, #17 Block B. A big university is located in this section. The apartment has a large living room, large veranda porch, where we will eat, two bedrooms, kitchen and private bath with toilet. So I am happy. It will be good to work in an upright position again after cooking, washing and cleaning on the floor.

A church will be started there soon, the Lord willing, and we are looking for several churches to spring up in Kumasi. It is a big city. Two of the preacher brothers who left us last year are considering coming back with us since they see the church going forward again. This is a real answer to prayer and we are so thankful for the way God is working.

Pray for us as we labor here in Ghana. The field is white (ripe) unto the harvest and the laborers are few. Just a few more days and it will all be over and we shall be real glad to hear the sweet words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord. ”

Yours in His service,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

(Faith & Victory : January 1986)

Nov. 16

Dear Sis. Maybelle, Bro. Wayne, and all dear saints everywhere: Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus.

Once again we come your way from Ghana. Things are looking much brighter here. Since God spared my life last Aug. 6th, I have seen Him moving things out of the way so we can have a real Church of God work established in Ghana.

Starting Dec. 1, 1985, we will be worshiping in the living room of the Mission House. We can seat 40 people comfortably in the room and an adjacent closed veranda can seat another 20 or so. We are planning to broadcast over a loud speaker system our Sunday morning services, our “Opening Song” will be a must to open every service.

We have found our pre-dawn services are reaching souls, so pray for us as we reach out for hungry souls in Ghana.

Bro. William Kusi will be pastoring here at Akumadan-Ash, and will be living in the Mission House and caring for it.

There is about an acre of land where the Mission House is located (all Church of God property.) A man has promised to come and pull old stumps for us just for fuel and one man’s pay, so we are getting ready the ground so we can plant corn and beans when the rain comes about March of next year. The Church wants to take on a project of sheep raising too so that they can help the work financially. There is such a money problem here; only God knows.

Bro. John Peprah is pastoring the work at Wenchi and teaching English at the Secondary school there for this school year. The work is doing real well. They have short Bible Services every night, pre-dawn prayer meetings and two services on Sundays.

There is an independent church work near Techiman which wants to join with us-we have met with some of them twice and they are anxious to receive Church of God (Bible) teachings, so pray for us, as we make decisions that will effect the Church of God here.

It is real hot now and dry. Things are not as lush and green this time of year, but about March the rains come and things change from dry to wet.

I feel real good as I write to you. God never does a half way job. I am looking for an extension on my visa soon. Maybe this is the time I will get my resident permit.

I am asking Bro. Kofi Marfo to write of his conversion, for the Faith and Victory. I will enclose it in this letter. It is truly wonderful what the Lord has done and is doing here.

Your missionary to Ghana,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Editors note: Sis. Dorothy Keiser received a visitor’s visa from the Ghana government to visit the United States. Having received the visa from the Ghana officials, it will assure her passage back into that country. She arrived in the States the middle of December and plans to be here until the last of January.

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