Ghana Mission Trip 2015

Ghana trip 2015

The Lord blessed me with a very good trip to Ghana and Kenya. I left the U.S. on Jan. 18 and returned home on Feb. 10. The pictures below will tell just a part of the story. The Spirit of the Lord blessed in the ministers’ meetings and in the congregational meetings. On this trip, with donated funds, we were able to assist a number of congregations to purchase land for chapels or to help them with chapel building projects. The support of God’s people is making a difference in the congregations of people around the world. I spent the first part of the trip ministering in Ghana. I then traveled to Kenya where we had two meetings before traveling to the orphanage where we participated in the official opening of the new secondary school. At the end of the trip as I walked down a busy road in Nairobi before flying out that night, it was almost surreal that I was feeling so good. The last time I left Kenya I was a very sick man and didn’t know what the future held. God spared my life then and it was such a blessing to feel good leaving Africa once again. God is good and I thank God for every blessing.

My heart was so touched at the passing of our friend, Bro. Berry Herron while I was gone. Just a few weeks before I left for Africa, Bro. Berry called me and told me he would like to go to Africa with me. He left it with me to call when it was a good time for him to go. Before having that opportunity, God called him home. Last year, Bro. David Kramer passed from this life. He had also expressed desire to go to Africa. It brought home to my wife and me that it does not matter where we are, our lives are in God’s hands whether we are at home or in a foreign land. It pays for each of us to live close to the Lord. Our time is short. May we redeem the time that our lives are spent for that which matters. Thank you for your continued prayers for us and for the work of God. Your brothers and sisters from Africa greet you and thank you in the name of Jesus.   –Michael Smith



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