Ghana Mission Trip (November 20-30, 2018)

The Lord laid a burden on my heart to visit the congregations and ministers in Ghana. My primary burden was to encourage the ministers and check on the status of the land and spiritual condition of the work.

It proved to be a spiritually taxing and challenging trip, but we thank God for His love and longsuffering. It was a personal encouragement to have a lady in the congregation testify that the “messages preached the last time had born fruit.” Different souls sought the Lord, but it was a special blessing to see the Lord save a Muslim man. His wife attends service and he came and yielded his life to the Lord. An alcoholic came forward to be saved and God delivered him. He testified a few days later that he was still free from alcohol. Praise the Lord.

 In the work of God, it is easy to look for the “larger” blessings and successes in the growth of a work, but that does not always come. It is more often the individual soul whose life is saved from destruction that makes all sacrifice worthwhile. It is that which enables us to “encourage ourselves in the Lord” when other circumstances look bleak.

Land was purchased sometime back for cashew growing to help financially support the work. This transaction went through the courts and was legally filed and processed. Unfortunately, family of the seller is contesting the sale and taken legal action in the courts. The court upheld the sale, so the family filed with a different court. The case continues to languish in the courts. We pray that the Lord will resolve the issues within this troubled family and relieve the church from further court proceedings.

I would appreciate continued prayers for the ministry and general work of the Lord in Ghana.

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