Ghana Mission Update 1999

(Faith & Victory : June 1999)

Dear Saints: In a recent letter from Bro. Maxwell in Ghana, he stated, “By the grace of God all are doing well here in Ghana and the Lord is doing wonderful things in our midst ­ restitution, forsaking all, and power to overcome sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. Not only is the church increasing in numbers, but records in the Book of Life.”

We thank the Lord for how He has been blessing the work in Ghana. Funds were recently sent to help the saints complete the structure of the chapel building. It has been a great blessing not only to the saints, but also to the townspeople in Akumadan.

The ministers have been reaching out to surrounding towns and have a great burden to spread the gospel. An amplifier and microphones were recently purchased to help in the outreach ministry. Lord willing, there will be a campmeeting for the first time in years in Ghana.

The saints have a special request for one of the Sunday school children. The child, Atta Boateng, has a hernia and is severely afflicted. The mother has sacrificed many of her belongings for the care of her child, and it is a great burden to the congregation. Please remember this child in prayer.

The saints in Malawi and Mozambique are still pressing on for the Lord. There have been a number of meetings held. In the past, we have visited the congregations in Malawi but not Mozambique. The need is great and the saints are desiring a visit to those congregations.

I am burdened to make a couple of trips to Africa this year as the Lord leads. Please pray that I will be able to obtain the necessary visas and that God will bless in this effort.

There are many spiritual, physical and financial needs in the work of God at large that we should continue to pray about. The work is great, so may the Lord help us each one to do our part.

-Bro. Michael Smith

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