Ghana Trip—January 2019

(Jan 14-24, 2019)

The Lord ordained a follow-up visit to Ghana. I had the opportunity to fellowship with Bro. Albert and the late Bro. Andrew’s wife in Asankare before traveling on to Akumadan.

Over the course of a few days, we had many visits, discussions, and Bible studies with the ministers. There has been much truth taught here over the years and the enemy has contested it on many fronts. The Lord reminded me of the parable of the fruitless fig tree. I stand in awe at the longsuffering of God to mankind. The Lord is not willing that any perish, and He continues to deal with souls, to work, restore, and renew that souls would make Heaven. Can we do less?

There were a number of issues that arose and we thank God for the truth of His Word and for the grace of His Spirit that enables forgiveness, patience, and love. May the Lord bless every soul hungry for truth and help us all to keep our eyes on Jesus!

This minister was able to start a chicken venture to help support the work in his locale.

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