History of Malawi Work (1991-1997)

(Faith & Victory : September 1998)

In 1991, Bro. Failos Namaozongo, of Malawi, Central Africa, became acquainted with Faith Publishing House through our literature. And as a result he established contact with us.

Bro. Failos has the oversight of 10 congregations in Malawi and 13 congregations in the neighboring country of Mozambique. In 1996 he requested that someone from the States visit them, so Bros. Bob Sallee and Michael Smith traveled to Malawi in August of that year. They found a people hungry for the simple gospel message but possessing very few Bibles.

In July of 1997, Bro. Bob Sallee returned to Malawi with his daughter, Sis. Karen. During the Monark Springs National camp meeting, word was received that Sis. Karen had contracted malaria and was very sick. General prayer sessions were held on the camp grounds, and prayer chains were formed. The throne of heaven was inundated with hundreds of petitions. Bro. Bob’s wife, Sis. Irma, and Bro. Michael Smith quickly obtained plane tickets and flew to Blantyre, Malawi, to be with them.

It was a huge undertaking to get Sis. Karen home, but when Bro. Bob and Sis. Karen’s scheduled flight back to the States arrived in Oklahoma City, they were on it. Every step of the way God miraculously intervened to provide their needs, but the battle wasn’t over. Karen continued to suffer with severe chills and fever. The saints held on to God, praying constantly throughout the nights. In the face of death, God sent life and brought her through. Her life is an icon of the love and mercy of a faithful God. As of this date, she has no reoccurring symptoms such as many victims of malaria experience.

The crops in Malawi failed in 1997, and the congregations were in dire need of help. The saints responded with donations, and on March 15, 1998, Bro. Bob Sallee returned to Africa to take humanitarian aid to the Malawi congregations.

Several days after returning to the States he exhibited flu-like symptoms, and though many prayers were prayed, on April 11, God took him home. The sickness was later confirmed to be malaria. This was a tragic loss to the Print Shop, to the Church in general, and especially to his wife, Sis. Irma, and their children. We are convinced that the full benefit of this sacrifice is yet to be reaped.

–Bro. Wayne Murphey

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