Hunger is Hunger

“I even myself am shocked to see families and orphans spending some days without eating, only drinking water.”

UPDATE: We have wired $45,000 to purchase not quite a bag of maize for each family and a small amount of beans to go with it since they have no other food in their homes to supplement with at all right now. Pray God will supply the funds to pay for it. And pray that the distribution will be safe and successful.

These are the words of Bro. Master who just returned from a visit to Mozambique. There are 5000 to 6000 families suffering intensely in this region of Mozambique. 1900 of these families are Church of God families. The situation has deteriorated from when they visited before and is at an even more dire level.

Bro. Master and four others who accompanied him found that the saints have not been able to plant their next crops because there is no rain yet. There hope is that if the rains would come they would produce some kinds of fruits that they could forage for to keep alive until the next harvest. Bro. Master reports, “Our brothers and sisters are still in crisis time right now and they need fast help of food. We try to encourage them to pray to God.”

The government is giving some assistance to the elderly, but hundreds of families are starving, going days at a time with no food. If you have some of the Lord’s money, we will send it to help our brothers and sisters once again. Donations received in the Feed the Hungry Fund. Click Specific Fund and choose Feed the Hungry.

Prices have gone up again and with transport costs a 50 kilo bag of maize costs almost $25/bag. This is enough for roughly a month for a family. We will probably give each family a little less than that and buy some beans to go with it because they literally have no other food in their homes to supplement the maize with. Even at that it would cost almost $50,000 to feed them all for one more month.

If the donate button gives you a cache error you can also PayPal directly to Memo: Food for the Hungry. Checks may be written to Africa Mission memo/Food and sent to
Africa Mission
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