Hungry Children Fed Bhang and Alcohol to Stem Hunger Pains

There is a Church of God congregation in this part of Kenya where we will be distributing food and gifts through Project Christmas Blessing. Pray for the suffering in Kenya. We will help all that we possibly can while we are there.

“Parents in Gatundu North, Kiambu County are now forcing their children to consume cheap and readily available bhang and alcohol to stop them from demanding for unavailable food. The elders of the village claim that drug lords in Chang’aa readily avail bhang and other illegal drugs, turning the majority of children into zombies in the process.

According to Peter Kimani Kamau, a village elder, the majority of the village’s children have left school as a result of the devastating drought, which was caused by the failure of four consecutive rainy seasons and has left millions of Kenyans hungry and thirsty.

“Once the children take the outlawed substances, most of them end up sleeping thereby forgetting the biting hunger crisis at their homes,” Kimani said.

According to Mary Njeri, parents are typically desperate to find food for their children’s survival in most homesteads.

“Most families have been surviving on a single meal a day as only very few households can manage to raise money to buy cooking flour every day,” Njeri said.

The starving locals demanded that the government urgently provide relief food in the area to save lives when well-wishers led by Brickmann Properties officials and concerned local youths donated food rations to the most affected.

The CEO of Brickmann Properties, Vincent Njenga, refuted the idea that central Kenya is unaffected by the devastating drought, arguing that most villages, particularly those in Gatundu North, are suffering in silence.

“I call local leaders to become good voices for the struggling residents and urge more well-wishers to continue exercising acts of mercy to the vulnerable to avert drought-related deaths in this village,” Njenga noted.

Davis Mwaura, a local youth, echoed his sentiments when he said that if the government does not act quickly, starving Makwa villagers risk further harm.”

NTV Kenya, November 6, 2022

Gatundu parents resort to alcohol, bhang to distract kids from asking for food

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