Hurricane Kenneth

Cyclone Kenneth was the largest cyclone ever recorded to hit Mozambique and it made landfall in the northern region of the country which is unusual. It took some time to get reports from the churches there due to a lack of communication and inability to access them. It takes a long time for funds to reach their banks through wiring. We are sending a wire today to help with immediate needs. These people have not received any aid from the previous transfers for the recent disasters in Malawi and Mozambique. If you have some of the Lord’s money, know that all of it goes directly to the people in the quickest method possible. We are wiring $10,000 today in faith that God will provide this need for His people in Mozambique.

Reports from Bro. Master of Malawi

May 5, 2019

Today we have had visitors—5 pastors from Mozambique—who come to report about the cyclone Kenneth. They say houses and other things were damaged and now people are in large groups. On this side of Mozambique, we have about 28 congregations and about 1500 families are in trouble. They are in a school camp and 8 people lost their lives. The main thing they need now is food. The pastor who looks after this area confirmed the accident and he says if possible, people need food immediately.

May 4, 2019

Some saints are in big danger and others lost their lives in Mozambique in this last cyclone, but I don’t have any number. This is other side of Mozambique which was not flooded last time and the pastor who represents that side has gone to see the condition. He will return today, so tomorrow he will come to our chapel for exact report.

Here in Malawi the flooded families are about to go and rebuild their houses but there are some needs like plastic tarps for roofing, some pails, plates and blankets. As you know, during flooding people were just running without taking anything.

Report from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Food insecurity remains a major concern due to the destruction of planted crops (rice, beans, maize, cassava) and loss of pre-cyclone harvests that were either washed away or spoiled and not fit for human consumption. At least 55,488 hectares of crops have been affected across the northern provinces. Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in the middle of the northern region harvest. Unlike the central region, there is no second crop or harvest season in the north, so people will be forced to wait for the next harvest. Fishing boats and equipment (nets) have been destroyed, impacting negatively on families that rely on fishing for livelihoods and subsistence in the coastal areas. Food commodity prices are reportedly high in Metuge, Macomia and Quissanga, impacting access to staple foods, including maize, corn and rice and cash crops such as sesame.

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