Huruma 2023 Graduates

At the end of October, Huruma Dolor Primary School and Huruma Faith High School held their graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023. In Kenya, it is customary to hold this immediately before the students go into their month-long final exams. The exams are a time with very strict guidelines by the government. To mitigate interference with testing and fraudulent results, the grounds are sealed during exams and the public is not allowed inside. No parents or guardians may visit the children. Even Bro. Peter is not on the grounds.

At the end of this time, the orphans that are finished with Form 4 often leave Huruma permanently to go back to their own clans, villages, or extended families. They anxiously await the results of their exams as that determines their elegibility to go on with further education. For example, you have to have a higher school to train to be a secondary teacher than a primary teacher.

We thank each sponsor that has supported these graduating students throughout their years of high school. They have received valuable teaching not only in school, but also in the Word of God. We pray the Lord will follow these young people and that they will follow Him for the most successful and happy future. There are usually a few of each class that have no family or place to go and they remain at Huruma for some time. Pray for them also that the Lord will stablish them and open the right doors of provision for them and their futures. The Hope and Service Scholarship is in place to help a few of these young people obtain training that will help them get a college education.

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