Huruma Update: April 2020

Huruma Children’s Home
The first quarter of this year has been an extremely difficult time at Huruma. There has been more sickness with malaria than I remember in the last 10 years. Many of the orphans were sick and some were unconsciousness and hospitalized. Our hearts are full of praise to God that He spared the lives of the orphans. There were a few that were very critical and could have easily died. But God!

It is with sadness that we report that one of the day scholars at Huruma passed away with malaria. I had planned to be in Kenya in March but due to the rampant malaria (and then the shut down due to COVID-19) we thought it best to delay my trip. The government in Kenya has shut down businesses and the people are struggling to find and pay for food. Local donations to Huruma from the community are down as people do not have supplies to give. 

The college students were sent back to the orphanage and many of the orphans have left to spend this time with extended family as conditions are so difficult. It is planting season so the fields are being plowed and planted. Last season there was a poor harvest so we pray God will bless this season.

Before the government shut down, officials were visiting Huruma for the purpose of assessing the petition to get the orphanage tax exempt status. This would help for a planned shipment coming to the orphanage from Germany later this year. Huruma held this status in the past, but there were needs to update paperwork and get more government approvals. It is a very slow process.

We give special thanks to all of our sponsors who help monthly to provide for these children. There are special financial needs at the orphanage and with the congregations at this time. Please pray the Lord to sustain them. 



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