Huruma Update: August 2020

Huruma Children’s Home
Schools in Kenya are shut down due to COVID-19, with the exception of colleges and universities. Hence, the primary and secondary schools at Huruma Orphanage are not in general operation. The government has required the teachers to be given half pay, although no tuition fees are coming in from the community. This is putting a strain on our resources as we are trying to be sure the children and staff are still cared for during this difficult time.

Only the orphans that remain on the grounds at Huruma. They are doing extra academic work in their classes to fill their day and to prepare for when school does open. Local donations from the surrounding community are still minimal, as many people are struggling financially. AMB is sending thousands of extra dollars a month to try to sustain the orphanage and staff. We appreciate the general sponsorships and any extra funds that people send in to help during this crisis.

We were blessed to purchase three more acres some distance away from the orphanage at a much lower price than close to the Huruma compound. The land is being cultivated and planted with sugarcane which takes about 18 months to mature. It is a cash crop and it is part of our self-sustainability program.

Cultivating and Planting Sugarcane


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