Huruma Dolor Orphanage Spring 2019

A Month at Huruma

Rene, Ethan, Vanessa and I traveled to Kenya for an extended mission trip. We left home on February 3 and arrived back on March 8, 2019. While much gospel work was accomplished, we were blessed to spend time at Huruma working on various projects.

Many people have sacrificed and contributed in this effort to provide a safe, godly place for orphans in Kenya. We appreciate the sponsors and contributions so much and thank you for the love and continued support. We witnessed firsthand the difference Huruma is making in the lives of not only the orphans, but also of many community children that are receiving a quality education by attending the primary and secondary schools.

The Vision Continues

There are currently 85 orphans staying at Huruma with another eighteen in post-secondary education. In addition, there are approximately 150 school-boarders. The government continues to bring orphaned children. One boy, Crispine, was brought by the police while we were there. His mother had died and his father was a drug addict who was incapable of caring for him.

Crispine, in his dirty and tattered clothes, was hungry to bond. We are also happy to report that before the end of our trip, Crispine had a family willing to sponsor him. He worked very hard over his letter and coloring sheet to send to them. He was so happy to receive his new clothing and has started school with the other students. It is evident that he has suffered much neglect, but we are confident he will fit right in with a little time.

Projects & Activities

There are always repairs that need to be made and projects that need to be completed. The month of February proved to be a busy place on the Huruma campus as we were trying to get various tasks completed as quickly as possible. Local workers were hired and worked in conjunction with the staff.

René spent countless hours getting current information, updating lists, taking pictures, and arranging a special day with the orphans with games, treats, and the distribution of gifts from the sponsors. Ethan and Vanessa thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children, learning Swahili, and immersing themselves in the Kenyan culture.

School Projects

We began work again on the primary school which had been left unfinished as we had diverted resources to build a new dorm to replace the one that burned. Keeping teachers continues to be a challenge and we pray for the day that wages can be increased. In this effort, we will begin supporting the principal of the secondary school (a long time Huruma teacher) as he pursues his master’s degree. He has committed to staying at the school; this continuity will be invaluable.

Future Solutions

Self-sustainability, while a noble goal, has many challenges. As the Lord provides in the future, we would like to purchase another ten acres to plant sugar cane as a cash crop. It takes about $150/day for food alone at Huruma. We found many of the rooms in relative darkness because of a lack of bulbs; for which is more important, light or food? This is one of the reasons it is important for us to be on the ground at Huruma periodically to see the needs and work toward solutions.

God was faithful to us on this trip. Below we share with you in pictures the joy and blessings of the work that was accomplished because of your love!

Photo Gallery

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