Huruma Dolor Orphanage Update


huruma update april feature

tablesFeb 5— What a blessing the new tables will be. Sitting in chairs for dinner! Step by step great change occurs.

pigsFeb 21— A drastic loss occurred when disease killed all the pigs but one and all the chickens but five.
The pigs were being raised to eat and there were flocks of layers which provided eggs to eat and some to sell as well as broilers to supplement their diet with meat. We are unable to replace them immediately, but hope it will be possible in the near future.

March 4— The Kenyan government has rolled out a new mandatory curriculum change requiring new books for students and teachers. As our schools are private schools, the books required for the orphans and teachers will cost over $4000 which is a great unexpected challenge.

damageApril 2— For two weeks there was a blackout of power. Heavy rains and violent storms caused trees to fall on power lines and destroyed several houses in town. We thank God it did not happen at the orphanage, but the ceiling in the secondary school was destroyed by the heavy rainy winds. Other homes had roofs completely blown away. Thankfully, the electricity is now back. They appreciated those that offered the use of a generator during this time to help pump water from the well into the lines for bathing and cleaning.

February harvest was less than usual due to drought. 25 bags of maize on other plots and 13 bags at the school. Some was sold to purchase fertilizer to replant in the current growing season.




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