Huruma End of Year Report

Dear Huruma donors and sponsors,

We are once more quickly approaching the end of the year. We are so thankful for God’s blessings and protection over the children at the children’s home. There has been a lot of sickness and malaria through this year, but God has spared their lives and not one of the orphans died.

Bro. Peter has suffered with heart problems for a few years. Last week when I was at Huruma, he testified that he has not had problems this year and gives God credit. We are so thankful, for there was a time that he was bedfast for many weeks with heart issues. God is worthy of our praise.

This year, the German brethren completed a large workshop and will return in January to begin training one of the teachers for woodworking classes. They will also make a plan for the locals to begin building benches for the new tabernacle. They have greatly assisted in fixing some of the electrical problems that have existed for years.

This year has seen the completion of the Megan House and a new tabernacle. In the next three years, we will no longer have grades 10-12. While sad in some ways to send the orphans to a senior secondary school down the road to complete their schooling, it will also be a blessing to have a younger set of children on the campus. I think in the long run, this will be more spiritually and economically advantageous to the work.

Opening of the Megan House--a home for graduated orphan girls at Huruma.

Bro. Peter Otiende, a young family man who is the assistant director, will be completing his degree this month and so will be back on the Huruma campus full time. We pray God to bless our young leaders and give them vision, courage, and wisdom for the work.

Bro. Peter Otiende and WifeDue to various needs and duties, I have traveled to Kenya and Huruma four different times this year. There are always challenges, but the Lord has been faithful. For some time, I had carried a special burden for a situation that existed, and on this visit, I have seen the Lord working.

Our daughter Vanessa has assumed much responsibility this year in helping with accounting and with the sponsorship aspect of the work. She has been a great asset, and we thank God for her burden. She is currently learning to speak Kiswahili and can now speak conversationally.

Orphans receiving new shoes, and clothing. Sponsorship provides the things they need for everyday life.

Children and young people continue to be brought by the government to Huruma for help. Recently, a young boy named Clinton, showed up by himself at the gates of Huruma, cold and wet in the rain. His mother had died from disease, and he did not know where his father was at the time. He was told his father was in Tanzania, so he got a ride in a car to Tanzania, but alas, he never found his father. This young boy, in class 6, heard about Huruma Orphanage, so he walked by himself from Tanzania to Huruma in Kenya. As I talked with him, I couldn’t help but love him. He is a sweet child with a ready smile. It is for this cause that Huruma exists. I pray God to provide for this wonderful child. Learn more about sponsorship here!

As fuel and commodity prices have continued to increase, we are more dependent than ever on general donations coupled with sponsorships to take care of the daily operations at Huruma. Thank you all so much for your continued support and partnership. It is all of us working together that enables this great work to go forward. Please continue to pray for the director and his wife (Bro. Peter and Sis. Rhoda), the staff, teachers, and all of the children. We covert your prayers for wisdom and direction as we step into another year.

Much love and thanks,

Michael and Rene Smith

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