Huruma Update: January 2020

Huruma Children’s Home
The work is never done at Huruma Dolor orphanage. It is a labor of love, caring and providing for 80 orphans on a daily basis. Children need to be fed and clothed, the fields must be tended, the children educated, etc.
There are an additional 16 orphans attending college or trade school.

The primary and secondary schools on site provide schooling to children of the community. There are currently 10 high school graduates volunteering and three orphans who have now finished college returned and are serving on staff this year. It is a blessing to see them serve as teachers and office workers, giving back to the orphanage from which they came.

The orphanage is native run but is supported by sponsorships through Africa Mission & Beyond. While René and I are not on site most of the time, many hours a week are spent on paperwork, fundraising, sponsorships, communication, etc. We continue to pray that one day Huruma will be self-sustainable. Huruma existed before we arrived and grew in numbers by their own choice before the new complex was even finished, but the children did not have adequate clothes and were not eating properly.

We thank the Lord for the support that has enabled there to be a refuge for abused, diseased, malnourished, and neglected children. What a blessing to offer food, a bed, education, and most of all the love of God to those in need.
We received word this week that five teachers from the Huruma schools left suddenly for higher paying government teaching jobs. This causes instability in the school and affects the children’s education. Please pay that new staff members can be found quickly.

Thank you for your continued love and support for the work at Huruma.




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