Huruma Orphanage News: January 2021

We thank God for the safety of the staff and children at Huruma. Things are difficult since school started due to increased government regulations concerning the spacing of students. Some of the girls in class were required to be relocated; so we are currently planning to close in the area above the boy’s dorm for more school space. The picture above shows students widely spaced in the field in front of the secondary school.

Only five children at a time are allowed to get food, so it is a long process to feed everyone. The cooks are waking by 3 a.m. every morning to prepare food and serve everyone in time. My wife and I had considered traveling to Kenya this month, but we decided to wait. It would cause an undue burden on the staff and operation at Huruma for there to be added activities at this time; so it is best for there to be no foreign visitors right now.

May the Lord give us wisdom in how to best serve Huruma to help them become self-sustainable. This last year has not been favorable to our goal of self-sustainability, as expenses have skyrocketed and their local donations have been down.

Thank you for your prayers for the work and mission at Huruma Orphanage.

In Christ,
Michael Smith

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