Huruma Orphanage Information: December 2020

Things in Kenya are still greatly affected because of COVID-19. The locals are now able to travel within Kenya, whereas in the past they were not. Legally, there is only to be one person in a private vehicle. The public busses are running but the fares are double since they are accepting fewer passengers to maintain social distance. Masks are require in most situations throughout Kenya under penalty of a fine of 20,000 KSH. The congregation is permitted to conduct services while wearing masks, though they can removed them for singing.

The price of food remains high due to the current economic situation. Schools remain closed except for classes 4, 8 and Form 4. At this point, the government plans to reopen schools January 4, 2021. The government has changed the entire academic calendar for when school resumes and the three grades that have been in school this term will be off classes between July and September while the other grades catch up.

At Huruma, there are about 40 boarders in the three grades that are still in session at school. Due to COVID-19 restrictions they cannot go home lest they bring COVID-19 back to the orphanage. While some of the boarders parents will send in some food, it has been a big financial burden on Huruma. While a difficulty, we are thankful Huruma is still operating as many private schools in Kenya have completely closed down due to these types of situations. None of the children have been sick with COVID-19. However, two of the guardians of the children have died with it.

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